10 Reasons to Give Up The Normal Society Dream, the Bird and Grow Wings of Your Own

10 Reasons to Give The American Dream, the Bird and Grow Wings of Your Own


Learn to love yourself. Learn to love another. Learn to fall in love. Learn to say goodbye to love. Learn to cling to love. Learn to let it go with dignity, and learn to mourn the loss of love shamelessly and openly.

threesome-900x6851) You want what you have been told to want. Your entire life has conditioned you to want something. If you are American, it has conditioned you to want a family, a house, and a stable job. There is no way that you can know for certain that you don’t want something else, unless you distance yourself from the social conditioning and go find what else is out there. There is not a single path, but many. Find yours.

2) Learn what you are really capable of. You have no idea what you are capable of until you push yourself. Only once you have truly tried to find your limitations can you understand the amazing things that you are capable of enduring, handling, and conquering. This will make you a more confident, daring, and enriched person. You will find out what kind of a person you are in a crisis, or when things don’t go your way.

3) Smash stereotypes by meeting new people. On the road you will meet all kinds of people from all different paths of life. Many of our opinions do not come from our actual experiences, but information that is relayed to us through the media, acquaintances, and friends. Get to know more people from different backgrounds and cultures. Listen to what they have to say, ask them about where they come from, and be open to having whatever you thought you knew about a certain group of people or a place completely crushed. They will likely surprise you, and, in turn, you will learn something more about yourself.

4) Redundancy can kill you. Do you really want to wake up in 40 years on the verge of retiring and realize that you have done the same thing five days a week for the vast majority of your life? Unless it is something that you are really passionate about, I doubt it.

5) Learn to love. Learn to love yourself. Learn to love another. Learn to fall in love. Learn to say goodbye to love. Learn to cling to love. Learn to let it go with dignity, and learn to mourn the loss of love shamelessly and openly. Love people from other cultures. Love yourself. And, most importantly, learn to love and appreciate yourself when you don’t have another, because true happiness is being prepared to be happy regardless of the presence of another. Traveling teaches you to be content in your own company. Learn to love it.

the-jeep-300x2256) Minimalism teaches you to appreciate everything to the maximum. Eat bananas for three days, so that the hearty meal on the fourth day is that much more amazing. Bathe yourself with buckets, so that when you have a hot shower it is the most amazing thing you have felt in months. Wear your clothes until they get holes in them, sew the holes back together, and when you can’t mend it anymore, buy yourself a replacement-you will appreciate it so much more.

7) Take advantage of the continually opening doors. Learn to say yes to open doors. Stay with that group of traveling gypsies for a couple of weeks. Take that guy up on that offer for free surfing lessons. Accept that invite to backpack for a few weeks with that group of wandering Germans. It may not be what you have planned, but it may very well be more poetic and beautiful than anything that you could have ever conjured up on your own.

8) If you don’t do it now, you never will. It won’t be any less easy to not make excuses for yourself tomorrow. Whatever excuses you use for not traveling are just that-excuses! Money, loved ones, jobs, whatever, they are still going to be there tomorrow. When you ask most people why they don’t travel, it is as if they are waiting for a magical fairy to appear offering them money, plane tickets, and paid vacation time. That fairy doesn’t exist. Be your own fucking fairy. If you are waiting for the chance to do something amazing, I’m telling you, NOW is your chance. Don’t squander your time. It is precious, and while people can buy your time, you can never, ever buy it back.

9) Truly learn patience and adaptation. Learn to deal with the fact that you are stuck on the side of a river waiting for a boat that is already two days late. Learn to deal with mosquitos, and the fact that you can’t drink the water. Learn to accept that very few people actually run on the flawless punctuality that is beaten into us from the time that we learn to drive, get our first job, and start attending classes. Learn to take advantage of the situations that require your patience by doing something valuable with that grey time like read a book, meet someone new, or just reflect upon all of your recent experiences that got you to that point.flores-900x675

10) Get to know yourself. You probably think you know yourself. You probably don’t. Sit with yourself on an empty beach and let your consciousness crash into you. Let it roll over you. Let it envelope you. Think about yourself more critically. What can you improve? What are your strengths? What are your weaknesses? Have a drink with yourself in a crowded bar. Have a soda in a lackadaisical plaza. Listen to yourself. Listen to your soul.

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