1st Timers to Nude Beach and Where to go

1st Timers to Nude Beach and Where to go A Guide to Nude Beaches around the World

I remember my first trip to a nude beach. I was living in Auckland, New Zealand at the time and decided to go for a run along the waterfront of Mission Bay to St. Helier’s and beyond. Having only been in New Zealand for a few weeks at that point, my sense of exploration was strong. I found myself turning at every corner in search of something new.

On my run, I came across a sign that read “Ladies Bay.” That sounded like my kind of place, and the maze of stairs and ramps that hugged the cliff looked intriguing to me. Down I went, and I found myself on a beautiful little slice of secluded beach. Clear waters, views of Rangitoto in the distance, seashells entwined with sand pebbles, palm trees. Not a single soul was on the beach aside from myself, so I declared this my new personal haven and private beach.

A few weeks later, the sun was shining a little stronger and my pasty skin was begging for a beach day. I packed my book, sunscreen, lunch and towel and made the trek over to my sanctuary. I made my way down the treacherous staircase and picked a spot on the beach and settled into the sand. I heard a rustle in the bushes behind me and chalked it up to some sort of beach creature and plugged my headphones in.IMG_2066C 1st Timers to Nude Beach and Where to go

Well, beach creatures certainly were responsible for the disruption in the shrubbery. When I flipped over onto my stomach, I got a good look at the area and found a huddle of hunched over people. Despite being well past their prime, their skin was beautifully bronzed, and I was immediately envious. Until one of them stood up and headed toward the water.

Initially I thought that this man’s old age may have been the reason for forgetting his swim trunks at home. Then I realized that I was the only one on the beach overdressed for the occasion. My private little isolated beach quickly turned into a gathering of human genitalia.

How to do a nude beach the right way

Clearly, I was unprepared for this impromptu celebration of birthday suits. So, for all you first-timers out there who want to go to a nude beach (intentionally), there are a few things that you can do before-hand to prepare yourself for this open experience.

Do your research. If full nudity is a bit intimidating for you, find a beach that is topless only. Sure, the women are the only ones who are exposing more than usual, but it is a good first step if you want to ease yourself into it. Or are afraid of what’s under that old man’s swim trunks. Also, some nudist beaches only allow nudity in certain areas. This can help you avoid inappropriately showing it all to the little kids in surf camp.

Pack accordingly. IMG_1835 1st Timers to Nude Beach and Where to goBring sunglasses, especially dark ones. One time I went to a nude beach with a friend who could not stop staring! Sunglasses will help you go incognito if you don’t want everyone knowing you can’t stop looking at their family jewels. Sunscreen is another essential, for obvious reasons. We’re trying to eliminate tan lines, not paint our privates bright pink. Also, who knows if aloe can be used in those places?

Prepare yourself for the experience. Make sure you have the supplies listed above. Shaving or waxing is always a good idea for those who don’t go au naturel. Just be sure to allow a day or two in between ridding yourself of body hair and jumping into the salt water. You know how fresh wounds sting in the ocean? Well, same goes for freshly shaved or waxed body parts. Ouch.

As with any situation, if you ever feel uncomfortable, especially in a foreign place, remove yourself from the environment. Nude beaches are sufficiently monitored and protected for the most part, but it is always wise to be aware of your surroundings.

Where to go

Now that you know how to handle going to a nude beach, how do you decide on where to go? There are several types of nude beaches: on the ocean, on the sea, at the hotel, lakeside. Of course there are the hot spots in Brazil, France and Spain. There is also the option of heading to the less populated nude beaches elsewhere. Below you will find a list of some of the best nude beaches across the world.


  • Praia Do Pinho in Santa Caterina is a nude beach where nudity is required. This is not for amateurs.
  • IMG_4296 1st Timers to Nude Beach and Where to goThe world famous Copacabana Beach in Rio de Janeiro only hosts partial nudity, maintaining its family-friendly atmosphere.
  • Abrico Beach had a nudity ban which was lifted in 2003. Since then, a naturalist movement has made sure that they never go back.


  • Plage de Tahiti in St. Tropez has a camera ban. So be sure to take some serious mental pictures!
  • Euronat is a surprisingly family-friendly, and nude, beach.
  • Les Grottes Plage has restaurants in the area that allow nude diners!
  • Leucate Plage is known for its naturalist community. Visit a completely nude village, or if that’s too much, head for a bite to eat at one of the naturalist restaurants.


  • IMG_1266 1st Timers to Nude Beach and Where to goEs Cavallet Beach in Ibiza is the closest beach to the city, and its party atmosphere is contagious.
  • Playa d’en Bossa in Ibiza is the largest beach in the area, with a huge party atmosphere to match.
  • Costa Natura in Estepona comes complete with a resort and view of Morocco.
  • Playa Es Pregons in Mallorca. No, this does not translate to “Beach is Pregnant.” Phew.
  • Playa de Maspalomas on the Canary Islands is known for being super clean, thus a perfect place to let it all hang out.
  • Vera Playa is arguably the nude capital of Spain, so it’s definitely a mistake to miss out.
  • Playa de Illetes is there when you need to take a break from the partying in Ibiza, or take a break from wearing clothes.


  • 1271603_12732501133428 1st Timers to Nude Beach and Where to goSouth Beach, Miami is probably the most famous nude beach in the States. Expect lots of partying and beautiful people.
  • Miami also has a smaller nude beach, appropriately named Little Beach. Who’s to say what the word little is actually referring to?
  • Black’s Beach in San Diego is the largest nude beach in the whole country.
  • Gunnison Beach in Sandy Hook, New Jersey. Not sure what is left of this beach after Hurricane Sandy barreled through in October 2012.
  • Baker Beach in San Francisco is another place to do your research on. Only certain areas are clothing-optional.
  • Haulover Beach in Florida is yet another Miami nude beach. I wonder if the lifeguards have to abide by the dress code as well?
  • Kehena Black Sand Beach in Hawaii. I bet it’s fun trying to get that black sand out of all those cracks and crevices.
  • Las Vegas has several nude “beaches” at hotels and casinos, including Moorea Beach at Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino, Bare Pool Lounge and TAO.
  • Whale Beach at Lake Tahoe in Nevada. Let’s hope there are no actual whale sightings.
  • Lighthouse Beach on Fire Island, New York is the most famous clothing-optional beach in the Empire State.
  • Hobe Sound Beach on Jupiter Island, Florida. Although not officially a nude beach, it is allowed here, and its privacy makes it a top pick for those looking to relax on the beach naked.


  • scandi-3 110b 1st Timers to Nude Beach and Where to goParadise Beach in Mykonos is just that. Paradise.
  • Plakias Beach in Crete is a great place for scuba diving. Nude scuba? I’m in.
  • The appropriately named Banana Beach. It’s named after the shape and color of the beach! What did you think I meant?
  • Red Beach in Crete. Hopefully the name is not an indicator of what will happen to your skin.

Australia and New Zealand

  • You can visit my personal favorite, Ladies Bay in Auckland, New Zealand. Don’t expect a young crowd (or a crowd at all for that matter.)
  • Swanbourne Beach in Perth, Australia is the only nude beach in the city. It is also carefully situated near a shooting range. Wait, what?
  • Australia-2010 249 1st Timers to Nude Beach and Where to goBondi Beach is a partially nude beach in Sydney, Australia. This is a good thing, because who knows where body parts would end up after surfing those huge waves.
  • Uretiti Beach in Northland, New Zealand. I wonder where they came up with that name.
  • Samurai Beach Resort in Australia. I am not so sure if there are any samurai swords at this beach, so be careful with your precious cargo.


  • Saline Beach on St. Barth. This beach is on the sea and secluded from the rest of the island.
  • Orient Bay Beach in St. Martin offers plenty of natural beauty. I’m talking about the landscape!
  • Seven Mile Beach in Jamaica. It’s seven miles long…

Central and South America

  • Playa El Agua on Margarita Island in Venezuela translates to “Beach of Water” in English. It’s a pretty safe bet to say that there is lots of water, and nudity, there.
  • Playa de las Suecas on Contadora Island in Panama is the only place in the whole country where full nudity is allowed. Enjoy it.


  • Clifton Beach in South Africa. Penguins are not the only things waddling around down there.
  • Canada has a nude beach in Vancouver on the lake called Wreck Beach. Let’s hope the beach is the only thing that is a wreck here.
  • Studland Bay in Dorset has a very promising name for all the ladies out there.
  • Zandvoort Beach in the Netherlands
  • Meco Beach in Portugal has two sides to it: a nude side and a family side. Be sure to go to the correct side!
  • Porto Ferro in Italy is a popular destination for nude cruises.
  • Valalta in Croatia, where there is nude camping and a nude marina!
  • Arambol Beach in Goa, India is famous for its moisturizing mud. Just be sure not to get mud in any unwanted places!
  • Bellevue Beach in Denmark is another nude beach with great party atmosphere, and it is located near Copenhagen.

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