2nd Day in Barcelona more adventures

2nd Day in Barcelona more adventures May 6th, 2007

Get up this morning and still in bed thinking of what happened the night before. At least the bed is really comfortable, nothing like sleeping naked when you have no luggage or change of clothes.
I get up and check front desk for my bags and nothing has come in. I have to check out now and make it to the other hotel Contiki stays at in Barcelona, Hotel Park Putket.
I take my bag with nothing in it and leave hotel and go walking about in the area. Go to a park and then to some area to see some local kids play soccer. I take a taxi to the Hotel Park Putket and check in and I meet up with my other group there. Again.  They ask me what happened to me the night before and I have no clue.

2nd Day in Barcelona more adventuresWe head out again in this part of the city, this area is really nice. We go for something to ear first at some sandwich shop and its ok. I guess food is ok in Spain, all depends what you like. We do many things that day. We make it to this tram and go up the hill to this big cathedral area and amusement park. Its quite neat place and lots to see. We get a great view of the city of Barcelona, check my photos.
From this point we head back to our hotel and meet up with the rest of the Contiki group. We get our keys and make it to our rooms. I get my own personal room for this trip, I was quite happy and I paid too much for it as well.
That evening we meet up for our group meeting with the whole group. Our tour manager is this nice looking blond girl from Australia named Sasha, quite nice.

The rest of the group is people from USA, Australia and Europe I believe. I will list a few of the People to memory.
There was 3 girls from Toronto, three Filipino people from California, Jonathon,Reilyn and another girl, There also was Lily, Paul, Brad, Stacey, Dave, Ali, Mike, Rob, Shannon, Another Lily,Lauren, Lauren, Sarah and quite a few too many to list.
Sasha goes over the goods about the whole trip and we give her our trip details. Then it is off to dinner in the hotel that evening. During this time I call the airline and find out my luggage has arrive and it was dropped off at the hotel I stayed at the night before. So I take taxi there grab my bags and then taxi all the way bag, the best 70 euros every spent.
Back to hotel.
Tonight as a group we head out on the town and take the metro to the main entertainment area of the city. We go back to some hotel bar and have many many drinks here. it’s a crazy night. They pour drinks well in Spain, you order a rum and coke and you get a full glass of rum and your bottle of Coca-Cola on the side.
Then we headed downstairs to the nightclub and have a few more drinks with an amazing bartender doing the drinks. It was a good night. We then leave and some of us head back to the hotel while a few more continue into the night.
Off to bed as we have a big day tomorrow in Barcelona, more seeing more sights and fun times ahead.

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