3rd day of Barcelona adventure continues

3rd day of Barcelona adventure continues May 7th, 2007

Today is another day for a start of a great adventure in Barcelona. Wake up and go for some type of breakfast in the hotel. I think it was quite simple as I don’t remember what was available. Maybe 17 cornflakes. We group on to our Contiki bus and are given a city tour of this great city. Going to many many great sites. I would only suggest to look at my photos as that will tell you what we saw in the city.

3rd day of Barcelona adventure continuesThen we go this one stupid stop, typical of Contiki, get stuck going to some Leather shop. At this shop this shop keep comes in and goes on for 30 minutes talk and promoting his jackets. His third word was “unbelievable” for every item in the shop, A big waste of time, but normal for tour companies to trap tourists in places like that.

Afterwards its free time and we all split off in groups and head out on our own in the town. Check out this amazing market in the centre of the city and have some fruit smoothies which were amazing, then we had tapas for lunch which was quite small but ok for the time being.We do a lot of walking in this great city and see many many things. We go up this big stair way to this park and then to this famous house, before stopping for some beer on the way. We visited this one cathedral that was being built forever and then go for lunch in the metro lunch booth, quite adventurous.

We finally make it back to the hotel for an afternoon rest and relaxation. We meet again in the evening and head off for another tour of some historical area. We then go off on our own for dinner. We go to the main tourist area for dinner and get a table set up. It was an amazing dinner with lots of Spanish drink and Tapas and beer and many other great food. Check out the big beer photo. It was an amazing night in Barcelona.
Afterwards we pay our bill and head to some pub later that evening. I only have room for one drink that night and was suffering from lack of sleep. Only 5 hour sleep in last few days. I am this one girl named Loren we leave early and take a taxi back to hotel. The taxi on the way gets lost in the wrong neighbour hood and we circle around this one area for a long time. Finally after he was totally sorry we make it back to our hotel.
Time for bed and called I at night as we have big journey tomorrow to get to Madrid.

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