6 Favourite Celebrity Hangouts in London

6 Favourite Celebrity Hangouts in London

Do you fancy rubbing shoulders with the rich and shiny? Look no further as London has a reputation as a city bustling with celebrities. You will find a great collection of celebrity hotspots in London where you can spend quality time clicking their photos. Though, the city of London is best known for fabulous things to do, catching up with famous personalities will be an all-together mesmerizing experience.

Reserve a comfortable stay at a London Hotel, and walk down to these popular celebrity hangouts in the capital:

Covent Garden

If you fancy hustle and bustle of London city, then head straight to Covent Garden. Located near the West End, it is the centre of all celebrity activities, musicians, mime acts, and popular restaurants. Over 30 million tourists visit Covent Garden every year, giving a chance to meet famous Hollywood celebrities. You can regularly spot Beckhams having dinner at these stylish restaurants like L’Atelier de Joel Robuchon, The Ivy Restaurant, and others.

CompassBorough Market

Held on Fridays and Saturdays, London Borough Market is one of the top tourist hot spot in the city. On weekends, this market attracts hordes of travellers to sample some best gastronomic delights in London. You can buy or taste everything from fruit, breads, vegetables, cakes, meat, and cheeses at this market. London Borough Market provides you an opportunity to do some celebrity spotting, as many top UK’s star chefs walk along the street. Celebrities like Gerard Pique, Tony Robinson, Jude Law, Boris Johnson, and others are much popular among locals here.

Notting Hill

Notting Hill is a fantastic star-spotting location to visit in London. Get to Portobello Road Market on early Saturday morning. You are sure to see some celeb fashion designer sniffing around top vintage wear stalls. The fruits and vegetables stalls also attract celebs like Richard E Grant and Mystic Meg. Portobello Road is a honey pot for celebrities, where you will find loads of coffee bars, cool shops, and highly established restaurants, with celebrity crowd.

Leicester Square

Leicester Square is a great location to watch some British movies. This London area had played host to several film premieres like Harry Potter, Twilight, and James Bond films. The main venues here include The Empire, The Odeon, and the Vue, where you can get a glimpse of famous Hollywood actors and actresses. From Daniel Radcliffe to Robert Pattinson and Kate Winslet, you can spot plenty of stars at Leicester Square.


Primrose Hill

The most expansive and exclusive part of London, Primrose Hill, offers breathtaking views of Central London. It lies between Camden Town and Regent’s Park, giving access to major parts of the city. On a hot sunny day, expect to see likes of Sienna Miller, Jude Law, and Kate Moss. You can see number of celebrities soaking up in glorious British sun, taking stroll, and eating at local bars and restaurants. You can even try some local English pubs in Primrose Hill to dine with these celebrities.










Portobello Road Market

Girls like Sienna Miller and Kate Moss often visit Portobello Road Market in West London to find some vintage clothes. This marketplace is full of treasures, ranging from vintage fashion to antiquities. Head down to this place on a Friday or Saturday morning and get some best picks as per your budget. The best thing, you may find yourself fighting for a jacket with Miss Moss.
If star spotting is your things, then these sights is where paparazzi hang out waiting to capture a snap of hotspot. These celebrity hot spots in London welcome hordes of tourists every year. Just hit these places at right time to spot your favourite star in the city.

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