A Hockey Adventure to Minnesota to See Hockey Day 1

A Hockey Adventure to Minnesota to See Hockey Day 1

A Hockey Adventure to Minnesota to See Hockey Day 1

Our hotel room

Good evening this is a blog of a trip I did back in November 2008. I am off to Saint Paul, Minnesota to see a weekend hockey game at the Excel Centre of Minnesota Wild vs Colorado Avalanche play. Its going to be an exciting game as this is going to be my one hockey NHL game of the year.

I get up that morning its about cold outside I have to go pick up my friend Jen from other side of town. I drive across town to her house and she stuffs my entire back seat and trunk with all of her stuff. She wants to see hockey and is going down to pick up a dog she bought, some small dog. I have no problem being the driver.

Anyhow, I pick her up and we are off to Minnesota. On route to the border, going through US Customs, we are slightly delayed.

A Hockey Adventure to Minnesota to See Hockey Day 1

tickets to tonights game Go wild

The US border takes my passport and starts going through all the pages. She starts asking about all the stamps I have inside from all my previous travels. She seems to think I am some suspicious person.
We are made to stop and come and sit inside for awhile. Only sat for about 10 minutes then, without question are sent off again, strange.

We arrive into Duluth, and Jen wants to do some shopping in at Miller Hill Mall area. We go first to some pet shop as she wants to buy a crate for the dog, but all too expensive.
We get the idea that maybe getting a baby crib would just work as well and be more cheaper.
So we leave that store and go off to Target. Once in side we circle around many isles and I let her do the girly shopping thing.

A Hockey Adventure to Minnesota to See Hockey Day 1

Finally she finds a crib and decides to buy it. As well she buys other stuff for the dog and herself.
I buy a whole bunch of junk food here which is really cheap and good variety. So I load up on a good supply of junk for our journey to Saint Paul.
After Target, there is one more stop to Kmart. Walk around the Isles looking at the all new Hanna Montana toys, lol, no I don’t watch that stuff. I was in the Camping section.
Kmart was boring so we decide to continue our journey to Saint Paul.
We leave and go do a drive thru of Wendy’s and get some burgers and fries, a good cheap lunch, but good way to drive and eat.

We head down I35 toward our main destination.  On route Jen decides she wants to go to Walmart one the way. So we stop at Walmart in a small town on route. Once again this crazy shopper has to see every store on the way.

A Hockey Adventure to Minnesota to See Hockey Day 1

the rink

Funny thing is she grabs a big cart to walk around the store only to buy a pair of socks and shoes. Too funny.

Anyhow we get back into car and make it to Saint Paul, I make it all the way in the correct route without error. I am almost out of gas, but was able to do whole trip on a tank of gas, quite good.
We make it to our hotel  Best Western Kelly Inn which has really good parking. Hotel is good hotel and the room is very good. I take our bags, mine and of course all her one hundred bags to our room. Rooms is very big and has lots of space.

I have a pack of 6 beers with me, Jen decides to walk across the parking lot to Sears to do some more shopping. I stay in the room and drink beer and relax. The game is in 3 hours, so one must rest up.

Jen comes back with many bags of stuff she bought, and puts it all away.

A Hockey Adventure to Minnesota to See Hockey Day 1

the rink again

We then go downstairs restaurant for supper. The area is very nice, mostly with people who are there for hockey, as they are wearing jerseys of the teams.
I order some wings and Coca Cola for din din. we are served by a very cute little waitress, wish she would come to game as well.
anyhow after supper we go to the lobby and board the shuttle bus which is gonna take us to the Excel Centre for the game.

We enter the stadium and are checked by security on the way in, I assume they love patting people on entrance, those security guys.
We get to our seats which are mid level behind the Colorado Net, quite good.

The game is quite good and exciting, Wild Wins the game. The crowd goes wild!! this was Jen’s first time to a live NHL and she enjoyed it.
It was a good experience, my first time seeing a game in Minnesota, I would do this again. For sure.

After the game we go walking up the street around the bar areas. It is very busy and many of them are very packed. We decide not to go to any of them, as most are either too busy or too quiet.

So we decide to call it a night, head back to hotel and just eat chips and junk and pop watching tv.
That is the night, as we have to go get Jen’s dog tomorrow morning. Stay tuned for next day.

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