Accounts of Taxi Stories – Good and Bad

Accounts of Taxi Stories – Good and Bad.

These are Accounts of Taxi Stories – Good and Bad.

Taxi Stories Continued.

I gotta mention the time our rickshaw taxi ran over a snake in a rural area just outside Bombay. It was afternoon and we could see the long brown snake slithering across the road, too late to avoid it. It was pretty damn big, could have been a cobra. Bumpity-bump. We kept going and turned our heads to check the thing wasn’t going to somehow attach to our rickshaw. To our collective relief we saw the tail slither away into the bush I had a London Black Cab driver who refused a tip once!9-1908925-lrr030713taxi_fct1024x630x32_t460

Taxi stories


Took a cab to go downtown to a party. The cab driver asked what kind of music we’d like to listen to, took a look at my friend who was sitting in the front passenger seat (he was black), and tuned the radio to a rap/hip-hop station. We all started laughing because this particular friend doesn’t even listen to that kind of music.


Another time, I was driving behind a cab, when my friends and I noticed that the emergency 911 light was flashing. We called 911, they were just a few streets down. We saw the cop pull them over and arrested the customer who had his knife out in order to get a free ride. Felt good to potentially save someones life.

The taxi driver in Bangkok that as going so fast we gained air as we went over one of canals. Worse thing was I could see a big traffic backup not far up the road. Not sure what he was on but I was ready to bolt at the next red light.

Or the Bangkok moto taxi driver that went through a market, on the sidewalk, at 50 kph because it was the quickest way


it’s not the story about my travel, a

nd it’s a story about a taxi in Tokyo, but whenever we missed the last train at office, my boss and I gave a call to a particular taxi driver to drive us home because he prepared some beer and snack in order for us to enjoy the travel back home! My job was really hectic but it was really a good time.

And in Bali, I took a police car as a taxi with my friend. After all they charged us some money but it was fun because they rang the siren just for fun while we were riding on it! Hahaha.

Had a taxi driver here in Dubai on only his second day on the job. He didn’t know how to get to the airport.The same one he had arrived at the week before! He was very apologetic when I got in and explained his situation. I gave him directions and we arrived in plenty of time for my flight.

First time I arrived in Nepal the agency had a taxi meet me at the airport.  Got in the back seat to find there were no seatbelts.  Driver is dodging traffic, honking, etc.  Scared me until I saw the speedometer, and we were only going 30 km/hr.  I relaxed after that.

About 20 years ago my 86 y/o mother flew to Paris to meet me, some friends, and my fiancee.  She got a cab from CDG to ourhotel, and the fare was 50 francs, about $10.  She thought it was dollars and gave him a $50 bill.  Nice tip!  In retrospect I should have met the plane, but she WAS an experienced traveller.

Motor bike taxi in Vietnam is good! If you have to get to the airport or somewhere quickly,it’ll avoid traffic jam so well:) but be careful,you must hold driver’s body tight!!


In addition to the company giving a reward I hope the couple also gave the driver a reward. I think $500 U.S. would be be fair.


We have travelled Vietnam extensively over the last four years and never carry more than $250. We use taxi’s (with which we have never had a problem), hire a car and driver often and use credit cards in larger establishment. Whenever we are low in cash we just stop at another ATM and withdraw another amount. We think the 2% charge for cash withdrawal at an ATM is worth the cost of security.


We have found taxi drivers

in Vietnam to be helpful and honest. We only use Mai Linh and Vinasun taxi companies (take care there are many look a likes) as other companies and independents may be less reliable and honest.


We each carry two credit card’s (which we keep in separate locations) and a bank card for cash withdrawals.

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