Adventure to Winnipeg, Manitoba 2006 Day 1 – Part 1

Winnipeg Adventure December 2006

Day 1 – Road Trip To WinnipegDay 1 - Road Trip To Winnipeg

Today I head out on a weekend roadtrip on my own to Winnipeg, Manitoba. As I have lots of time off, I am in need to get out of town for a while. I have not visited Winnipeg in a long long time. I am off to just do a weekend of some bars as I heard Winnipeg is good for bars and just chill abit in this winter city.
I leave Thunder Bay driving in car onto the good old trans Canada hwy. It is winter time so being careful at this time as its still dark out this morning. Might crash into a moose or something. I have for my entertainment my Sirius Satellite radio and I am playing a good amount of Techno music on station Area 33.It make it into the town of Upsala and just keep driving.

A Party CrowdA Party Crowd

I end up behind a dump truck going super slow and I tail gate him for a long time as I am unable to pass. Finally a break comes and I pass finally.
As I Am driving, I am saving money by bringing food with me, I have granola bars and water in my front seat so I don’t have to stop anywhere. Finally I make it into the big city of Dryden which is a population of under 6000 people. Nothing special here, I go for a gas stop at the Superstore gas station here as I am down to half tank of gas. I fill up and pay inside and the guy in the cashier area looks like hell froze over him, as he had two black eyes and missing teeth, too funny.
I get back into car and go for a quick bathroom break at A and W.
The staff look at me like I was some bum as I just used the toilet without buying anything. Anyhow, I sneak out the door and make no eye contact.I stop quickly at Canadian Tire in Dryden to do quick walk around and check out the store. I check out the gravel and auto department just because it is cool to do so.

Anyways back into car and off to Winnipeg. I go down the road and listen now to the old 80’s station. Its quite entertaining. I make it into Winnipeg at a little past 230pm, good time at the Super 8 Hotel In west Winnipeg a good side of town. The weather here is crazy snowy and colder about -40c . Hotel I am staying at has good plug ins here.Anyways I am off to find some supper now, After driving all day, I need to get my legs moving, so I go outside walking and I think I am crazy to do this as it is very cold.

The Forks

About -30c with a windchill of even colder. I make it to Burger King at some mall nearby, just felt like going Dutch tonight. I order a just a whopper and fries and Coke and that is it. This place was kinda dirty and grungy a little like the movies.
I eat my meal of champions with pride and head back to my hotel room.
I get in touch with my friend who lives just a few blocks from here, as we are going out to the bars tonight.
For a few hours I just chill in my room and have a few drinks while watching television. Nothing good is on and I have a few rum and Cokes.
Finally I get call from my friend she is coming to pick me up in her car in a few minutes. I go outside and meet up with her and we head off to downtown Winnipeg. She parks her car in some back alley area as its free to park there.

Empire Night Clubnew_club_blush_02292008

We go to the night Club called the Empire, it’s a good night club with 3 floors and good dance music. We are here because her good friend is her birthday today. We meet up with her friend and her friends and many of them are quite easily been drinking. We have a few dances and have few more drinks at the Empire, it is lots of fun. I play some time on the DJ microphone and say a few words.

After words we head off to get something to eat this evening. We drive around a few blocks to a popular eating place called Johnny G’s. Good place to get some nachos and wings type of place. There Is about 7 of us at this one table. The place is full of other people who were obviously out at bars tonight as well.
There is this group of guys at one table who are about to leave, they look a little Turkish. This one guy is all smashed up crazy and yelling. He comes over to our table and wants to fight this one guy there for now reason. He walks away and saying all this weird stuff. All of a sudden this chair goes flying by across our table, knocking down everything there. That one guy threw the chair at us for no apparent reason, luckily his buddies grabbed him and took him outside, quite funny.

Anyhow we get our orders of food and drink and rest of evening is quite quiet and peaceful.
Get driven back to hotel and call it a night, around 5am!! But a sign of a good time.

Jets players wave at the crowd at the NHL Face-off party at The Forks in Winnipeg.  (John Woods/Winnipeg Free Press)

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