Adventure to Winnipeg, Manitoba 2006 Day 2 – Part 1

Day 2 of Winnipeg Adventure.

Out A Bit On The City

I get up later this morning around 10am. Even though I was in bed at 5am. I am up now. I head out a bit on the city. The hotel I stay at has a complimentary breakfast here just buns and coffee. Funny thing is lobby is full of people taking advantage of this, but those people are just local people who walked in off the street for the food. So no food was left for people actually paying to stay at the hotel.

Anyhow I get off in my car and drive down Portage Ave, the roads are very icy and I am driving slow. However, at one point I do manage to slide through on intersection while going slow of course, all well.
I go to check out the mall of Polo Park, the biggest mall in Winnipeg.

I walk in to the Bay store and main part of the mall, its Saturday so it is quite busy. I walk around each level of the mall and make no purchases. As Once again I hate shopping and all malls looks the same to me. I check out the food courts as I was getting hungry and the food here looks gross as all I see is Macdonald’s . yay.

From here I leave this place and do a drive around the neighbour hood again. I do a quick stop at the alcohol store to buy some cooler for a party I am going to tonight.

Drive To The Middle Part Of Winnipeg

I drive down to the middle part of Winnipeg and stop at the Forks. A big market place of everything. I finally find a parking spot after a long time or driving in circles. I go here and find a place to eat lunch. A good Chinese food place is located inside and the food was quite amazing.

As well the price was good too, my co worker Ron would be happy.

From here I drive back to the Manitoba Legislature and take a few photos from outside. I was here many years ago in High school and never took photos. I don’t do inside as I did the tour of It a long time ago.
It is a good spot to check out if your ever in town.
On way back I stop at Walmart to get some washer fluid for car as well I stop at a gas station to get some more gas.
Finally stopping at a Subway to get a foot long as my budget meal for tonight.

This evening I am off to a party then out for a night club again tonight. I walk down the street about 10 minutes to my friend’s house who lives nearby. I get there in the cold weather, I am almost frozen by the time I get there. It is her birthday and having friends over.

DJ Benny Benassi

Night Life

I have dinner with them as well, a mix of type of fish and German food. Then a few of the people bring some drinks out and we talk. Someone turns on some old George Micheal songs and starts to air guitar and lip synch the songs.

From here we go off in her friends car to get to a another night club. This famous DJ named Benny Benassi is playing at this one club tonight.
So her friend we are in her car about a early 90’s Hyundai something. It has no heat working in it. The car’s heat goes off and you can see your breath now quite easily. Finally her car warning light comes on and it dies right there in the street. We coast it to the side and leave it there. We grab a taxi and have the taxi take us to the night club. Once at the club there is a big line up outside, and we have tickets to get in, prepaid.

I look inside and hardly anyone is in there. We finally go into the hotel and complain, many others are doing the same. Finally the owner lets us all in a special door and apologizes for the problem.

Once inside it’s a good night club and we find our table. Finally the DJ Benny Benassi is now playing his mix of tunes for the rest of the evening. It was good evening with a few drinks here and there.

Afterwards we head out in another friends car to go for something to eat. We eat at the Flying J which is located in the west part of Winnipeg. it’s a big truck stop place and amazing nice. The parking is huge as you can park trucks here. The place has a gift shop and all types of supplies and a big restaurant. The food in restaurant is great and service was good at 4am.

Overall it was good evening. I make it back to hotel at a decent time around 430am and call it a night.
That was my evening in Winnipeg.

The next day I got up around 10am and make the long long drive home back to Thunder Bay. Quite uneventful drive all the way. Roads were good and traffic was light. Kept myself entertained with my satellite radio on the Country Stations this time.
That was my travelogue of adventure to Winnipeg, Manitoba, let me know how you like city if you ever go. Thanks

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