Adventurous Vacation Ideas

Adventurous Vacation Ideas

Around the world, adventure awaits. While your living room, backyard, workplace, neighborhood, or even city may seem comparatively tame, out there are amazing vacations you couldn’t even begin to believe. It’s stunning, the number of people who settle for a trip to their closest beach, when the world awaits them!

Get excited. Here come a slew of ideas for some adventurous vacations. Admit it, you’ve longed for something out of the ordinary. For the type of vacation that causes your Instagram photos go viral and all your friends to envy you.

Isn’t this what everyone is thinking about when they hit the “search” button on their preferred search engine? You’re thinking, “I don’t want to go somewhere ordinary. I want a South American cruise, or an African safari, or an underwater adventure in strange waters.”

How Can I Make My Vacation Special?

Exciting World Travels - Scuba DivingVacation days are hard enough to come by in this day and age. Having money to spend on a real vacation is a luxury to be cherished. Don’t waste it on another trip to a clogged tourist trap. Do something … unforgettable.

Go scuba diving somewhere where nothing looks familiar. Landscapes out of Finding Nemo are waiting in Australia’s Great Barrier Reef. Off the coast of Thailand, the extraordinary Similan Islands offer massive coral reefs, with views of trigger fish, rays, and strange oceanic creatures lurking in the sands. Belize offers the Great Blue Hole, recommended by Jacques Cousteau himself.  While diving can be frightening the first time, it is an experience like nothing else you’ve known, and it’s certainly an adventure.

Climb something high and enjoy a celestial view. For the truly Exciting World Travels - Scuba Divingadventurous, climbing represents a rare kind of freedom. While Everest isn’t for the faint of heart, there are less grueling climbing journeys that afford unbelievable views. With a guide to help you manage the dangers (altitude sickness, fatigue), mountains make for a truly unforgettable experience. Kiliminjaro in Africa is a popular choice, as is Khuiten in Mongolia, the Matterhorn in Switzerland, and the incredibly bio-diverse Annapurna in Nepal. Of course, mountain climbing vacations are not for the inexperienced – only experienced climbers should even consider tackling these famous peaks. For amateurs however, Kiliminjaro is a good choice, because it has one well-traveled path populated by campgrounds and vendors which allows for a leisurely 6-day hike to the top.

Take a nautical journey to places few have seen. Adventurous cruises aren’t solely about lounging around on deck with mimosas – though that’s probably an option. Take a sea voyage somewhere truly adventurous. A South American cruise may offer you views of the legendary Drake Passage, or Cape Horn. Imagine the feeling of looking out over the rail of a proud ship and knowing that you can see nearly to the South Pole! Sea voyages emulate feelings of adventure already, thanks to the many stories written of them. For a unique and memorable vacation, it’s hard to beat a shipboard adventure – provided you aren’t a seasick land-lubber!

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