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Alaska Cruises – Wilderness of AlaskaAlaska Cruises

Alaska Cruises is a land of wilderness


where the moose population outnumbers humans. Many travelers from around the world dream of a trip to this remote and beautiful region of America.  Whether you are looking to see the wilderness in a nature hike type of setting or from the deck of a cruise ship, there are plenty of great things to do and see in this great state. I would like to

share with you some of the exciting world travels I have been on with Alaskan cruises. Wherever you start or end your cruise, the key to having the best experience possible is to always be flexible and open to the adventure that lies before you.



Old Timely Feel

Many of the points along the way of the Alaskan cruises are some of the smaller towns.  Much of Alaska has an old timely feel and you will find modern and antique side by side.  Many of the stores in these small


towns that I have been to were set up much as they would have been years ago when Alaska was first being settled by explorers. You can find food stores, equipment and tool shops, blacksmiths, and more all still done in very close to the original way.  Some things are modern in the stores such as the lights and AC and they will offer some modern comforts such as ice cream and instant coffee, but it is a nice step back in time when looking around these stores. Stores and buildings like these can be seen in the small fishing towns such as the ones on Homer Spit, one of the most popular fishing grounds for tourists and locals alike! Homer is also one of the popular stops for many cruises specially the ones that cater to the fish lovers.


Breath Taking Views

There are few views of Alaska that are more stunning and breathtaking than seeing it from the water.  Cruises of all types are a staple of the state’s economy and tourism industry.  Thousands of tourists leave from ports all along the coastline every day and help keep local towns and travel spots alive. Alaskan cruises have many different formats and types. You can indulge in weekend or even week long cruises that travel all along the intricate coastline of the state.  Or you can take a day cruise and travel around one of the state’s many bays and fjords.  Some cruises last for a few days and travel he entire
cruise3ecoastline and others only a few hours as you travel along a single bay or inlet. However long your cruise ends up being, it is sure to be memorable one! I have had the joy of being on several cruises. The longest cruise I went on was a whale watching cruise that lasted around eight hours and took us all along the local coastline and into one of the bays. Another great cruise I sent on was a glacier cruise where we traveled to one of the many spots where glaciers from the mountains meet the water of the ocean.  We were able to watch the ice shelves fall into the water and got to see a chunk of crystal clear ice that they hauled out of the water for everyone to look at.


Seward, Alaska

Seward is one of the many popular port towns where many cruise tours leave from, and it one of the best places to book your cruise from. The ships vary in size depending on the cruise line, the port you leave from, and how long of cruise it will be. Most have several decks that offer wonderful views of the waterways, coastlines, and the ample animal life that can be seen. The farther into the ocean you travel will also determine the size of your ship as they tend to get bigger th


e further from shore you go.  If you go on a glacier cruise or are heading into waters where there will be a lot of ice flows from the glaciers, you will be on a ship with specially designed hulls to allow large chunks of ice to pass safely under the ship.  On my cruises I have seen whales, false killer whales, dolphins, sea otters, fish, puffins, countless birds, and along the coastlines I have seen bear, moose, caribou, mountain goats, and bald eagles. Some o the cruises are specifically designed to help your see animals, while others are more about the geological features of the bats, coastlines, and glaciers that start high in the mountains and slide into the water. An Alaskan cruise, no matter how long of a one you go on or what you see, will be a time you will never forget!



As you can see, the beauty and splendor of the untamed wild is just waiting to be explored and there is no way better than by cruise.  Prices can range from a hundred dollars or so per person to more than a thousand depending on the type of cruise, where you are going, and how long the cruise will last.  However you go and however long you stay, an Alaskan cruise is something everyone should do at least once in his or her lifetime.  It is a memory making trip that will live on forever.

I would like to take this time to thank my assistant Sarah Jo Coryell for her help on making this article extra amazing.


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