Aldina Fire Tower Adventure 2017

Aldina Fire Tower - Thunder Bay Hiking

Aldina Fire Tower – Thunder Bay Hiking

Boreal Road Thunder Bay

Boreal Road Thunder Bay – Start of Hike to Aldina Tower

Aldina Tower Adventure

This video is about an adventure to an Old Fire Tower in the Thunder Bay Ontario, area District.

This adventure took me about 3 tries to get to it. once i tried from another direction from the south 588  and ended up taking the wrong trails a few time.

i have a video of that adventure as well. was interesting.

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hiking in Thunder Bay District

This other times are from the north. from Boreal Road.

but that last time i took a trail that was recommended but ended up in a swamp. all well.

So started off on the journey. I was first on my bike heading down this road of Cronk Road. As seen in this video I

Carson Creek Peak - Hike

Carson Creek Peak – Hike

 am on my bike on Cronk Road, this goes for about 7 km west onward to highway 590.

A few hills here and comes with a challenge.

Now I am crossing on to Boreal Road over highway 590

As you can see Boreal Road is quite a dirt road. Its an active logging road with lots of logging trucks on here.

We head up this way for about 20km to get to the trail entrance.

Trail entrance is going to be on our left hand side and i will show you it as we go by.

As we make our journey up Boreal Road I will talk about the Aldina Tower.

Aldina Tower is on top of a hill that is called Carson Creek Peak

Carson Creek Peak is the fourth highest summit in Ontario. The peak is the second highest point along a ridge which runs northeast from Tower Mt. The Aldina fire tower still stands at the summit. Carson Creek Peak is the highest offroad accessed peak in Ontario.

It was built in the ’60’s This tower is 99 feet tall. The structure is steel which is still in excellent condition. The structure, or cupola, at the top is mainly made of wood,

The first fire lookout towers in Ontario appeared on the scene in the 1920’s. These early towers were constructed of wood; some were simply platforms in tall trees. By 1947, there were 52 wooden, and 227 steel towers across Ontario. The 1950’s and 1960’s marked the glo

Look up at Aldina Fire Tower

Carson Creek Peak – Boreal Road 2017

ry years for fire lookout towers in Ontario.

By 1947, there were 52 wooden, and 227 steel towers across Ontario.

The 1950’s and 1960’s marked the glory years for fire lookout towers in Ontario.  By 1962, there were a total of 316 steel towers in operation throughout the province.

Ontario’s lookout towers were generally named after the townships in which they were located, or after nearby prominent geographic features such as lakes, rivers, mountains or towns.  Smoke from a distance 

Looking down from Aldina Fire Tower

Looking down from Aldina Fire Tower

of about 15 statute miles could be spotted from t

hese towers, which provided a coverage of over 700

 square miles of terrain.  Each tower was situated in such a manner so as to provide overlap with at least two of its neighbours. 

Key tower operators were always the most experienced and reliable.  The regular routine called for the key tower to conduct a roll call to determine local conditions such as rain, lightning, etc.  All divisions operated on the same radio frequency so that if a smoke was detected, its location could be determined, by triangulation, even between different divisions. 

Ok as we are now almost at the trail head. and oh ok . Looking to the left, here is where we start. This is the quad trail, that will take us to the Aldina Fire Tower.

Anyways Here are a few shots from the last attempt , that was a failed attempt. before.

as i was given the wrong directions.

This one video i am on my bike, i tried to ride on this other trail. As I had to bush whack it a few times. I had parked further down on boreal road, and biked in. twice to 2 other trails. one bushed one took me in wrong direction, other took me to this swamp.

Here is the video of me biking to the swamp. As  i getting closer to the GPS position to left my bike in the bush here and hiked up to see what was available. As I am checking out, this spot we are looking now, is supposed to be a trail. only where the trail is supposed to be, is now all water, lots of it. so what did i do, well i looked around and what  i see on other side, is more water. yay. looking around again, well according to google maps, you can see the trail and it should be direct in front of me.

guess not, so this is where i gave up and on this part.

So anyways we are heading back to that quad trail i showed you just earlier from boreal road from the car window. so we are going to use s

that one.

so also a guide for all of you, you can see Aldina Tower from Boreal road. So here is a photo of the tower in the distance. enjoy.

so now on the proper hike. So just leaving the car now and walking up this quad trail for about 800 meters. Seems that i could have actually driven further in, its in good shape and safe spots

to park a car.

At Carson Peak Creek = Aldina Tower

At Carson Peak Creek = Aldina Tower

so here i come to a clear area of the trail, as you can see an

 old beaver dam on a wash out of the trail.

to the left is rest of the swamp, lots of water here, running very fast, looks like have to step through it, so i will,

water is not too bad actually.

so just make my way through, there we go not bad, so now heading up this hill and looks like trail goes to the left, wow very self explainatory

At Carson Peak Creek = Aldina Tower

At Carson Peak Creek = Aldina Tower

trail is more less just an old quad trail , well used actually, from the maps i had seen , were more complicated , this seems just so more simple, ,

as we move along here, on this trail, most of it is all up hill. as we are going to Carson Creek Peak

Weather today is cool around 9 degrees and been raining last few days, so quite cool actually, this hike prepare to get your feet wet for sure.

I am going to stop talking for a bit here. will play some soothing music for a bit and just show you a slide show of the trail,

(music and photos)

So here is something interesting. i want to tell you ab

out it, going down a small hill on the trail is another beaver dam, the trail is actually below the water level, amazing of what the beavers can do actually.

Getting my feet wet a bit, but better then going for a swim in the swamp actually. take a look for yourself.

continuing on, pushing a few branches out of the way, i am now on the way up this trail, seems to be endless hills, and where is this tower.

with all the rain , there is a steady stream coming down the trail, and here is a small creek in the bush,

take a look at this mini water fall, very nice.

trail is quite muddy and wet, and keeps climbing.

i round this one corner and guess what!

Thunder Bay Hike

Superior Hiking

i see the tower, finally made it, here is my first shot of the tower, enjoy!

looking at it through the trees ,it is a good height,  and i imagine back when it was in operation back in the 1960s, it would been more easier to get here, road was probably more open at time.

So reaching the summit i see the ladder, no one is around. Checking out this structure, few cables keep the tower stable, these seem to go way into the ground. tower is made of steel. seems very strong.

so decide since i am here. have to climb this thing. So here we go,. up the ladder. not really bolted down but all well. Anyways getting past the tree line. the wind is really picked up and its slightly raining on me now. looking around from almost the top, can get an amazing view of the surrounding area. very neat.the fall colours are amazing.

Carson Peak

Fire Tower = Aldina Tower

so here we go into the cabin part. All wood, quite sketchy but neat. Here is a few photos of it. looking around and of course looking down the ladder of where i came up.

Quite neat. Glad I came but i will never do this again. But recommend for all to come out to this tower while you can. part of history actually.

anyways thanks for watching the adventure to Aldina Fire Tower.

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