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Protect your Family with Allianz Travel Insurance Allianz Travel Insurance

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Do you remember the summer the volcano in Iceland was blowing up? I do. It spewed so much smoke it disrupted international travel. Allianz Travel Insurance my son and I had reservations to fly to Belgium where I had rented an apartment. I had seen the movie, “In Bruges,” and I thought it looked like a beautiful city. I was looking forward to riding bikes along the canals. Then, we planned to go to Doolin, Ireland where I had rented a cottage within walking distance of three pubs as well as a ferry to the Aran Islands. I’ve been to Doolin twice, and I love it. Well, it all got cancelled when the volcano blew up. Fortunately, I had Allianz Travel Insurance.

The fellow in Bruges was nice enough. He let me cancel and refunded my deposit. The old lady who owned the cottage in Ireland had a different point of view. Of course, she probably depends on that money. And, the airline that cancelled our flights didn’t charge me, but I needed to be reimbursed the cottage rental monies because Plan B was a rental cottage on Jekyll Island in Georgia.

Allianz Travel Insurance provides travel insurance for virtually all travel contingencies. In order to collect from my policy, I had to meet the following condition:

Cancelled services

Your airline, cruise line, or tour operator or travel supplier stops offering all services for at least 12 consecutive hours where you’re departing, arriving or making a connection because of:

  • a natural disaster
  • severe weather
  • a strike
  • a Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) mandate

Specific requirements (all must apply)

  • Your travel supplier doesn’t offer you a substitute itinerary.
  • The striking workers aren’t employed by the supplier you purchased
Protect your Family with Allianz Travel Insurance

Your memories

Your plan or travel services from, or an affiliate of that supplier.
The airline had no intention of rescheduling me. So, I had to submit a claim for the Irish cottage, which I had fully paid in advance. Allianz allows you to submit a claim online or by snail mail. I wanted to know how the whole system worked and when I could expect to be paid, so I called the 800 number. The website provided a clear listing of required documentation, but I also wanted to be sure I had done what was required so I called back later. I kept my claim number handy and found Allianz’s personnel to be very responsive.

Protect your Family with Allianz Travel Insurance

Protect your Family’s Vacations

A travel insurance policy is an insurance contract between you and the insurer (in this case, Allianz). Allianz does a really good job of summarizing coverage provisions, but if you want to know what is covered, you need to read the contract (available under “description of coverage”) in advance of making a claim. Allianz’s contracts are in simple, easy to read language. Allianz also offers a written guarantee. You have ten days to peruse that contract, and, if you’re not completely satisfied, you can cancel and get a full refund so long as you haven’t filed a claim or started your trip.

Travel insurers (like other insurance companies) are regulated by state government in the United States. You could find that coverage in Maine, for example, would differ from coverage in California. The state “rider” is an additional part of the travel insurance contract that enables the insurer to comply with local requirements. When you click on the link that allows you to read the contract, you may also be referred to the “state specific rider.”

Now, let’s go back to Allianz’s home page. You’ll immediately see a place to get a quote by providing minimal information. You’ll also see (on the left index) a link to the different plans Allianz offers. Allianz allows you to modify your policy online if, for example, your travel plans change.

The “Basic Plan” is also the least expensive. It is a minimum plan for trip cancellation or delay and some medical coverage. It also has an “add on” option for auto insurance collision coverage.

The “Classic Plan” is similar to the Basic Plan in some of the covered items, but the amount of coverage in the Classic Plan is substantially higher. The allowance for “emergency medical evacuation,” for example, is $100,000 higher in the Classic Plan than in the Basic. The Classic Plan allows you to add on work-related reasons for cancellation for a small additional premium. Children are covered at no additional charge.

The “Deluxe Plan” is the most comprehensive Allianz coverage available for your trip. The nature of individualized assistance varies from plan to plan and, in general, becomes more intensive as you move up, but that assistance is available anywhere in the world. Allianz Travel Insurance has offices in twenty-eight countries and is a subsidiary of the largest insurance company (Allianz) in the world. Allianz has had provider affiliation with AAA, American Airlines, Disney Cruise Line and Visa. Allianz Travel Insurance has almost 10,000 employees ready to provide you with travel assistance.

Allianz Travel Insurance

Lost Luggage.

Part of the fun of travel is venturing into the unknown, but, by its very nature, even luxury travel is accompanied by risks. Some are as simple as baggage loss. Think of all the people who travel. Now think of all their bags on carousels. All those bags had to be loaded and transferred to connections properly to get to the right destination on time. Think of the airlines and how few (or no) rights you have to demand compensation when they cancel your flight.

Not too long ago, my friend was snorkeling in Mexico. She still doesn’t know how it happened, but, somehow, she hit her head. She got a bad concussion and had to get home. Insurance protects us against risks, so we can feel secure in taking risks. We never know when an illness might strike or an injury happen. I want to know I’m covered – especially when I’m away from home. Allianz Travel Insurance is the “go to” place that helps me feel secure enough to leave home.



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