Day 8 – Arequipa , Peru – May 1st 2009. Another Adventure in Peru

Day 8 – Arequipa , Peru – May 1st 2009 Arequipa Travel

Today is about time in the big city of Arequipa.

Spend the night before on the night bus which was very great. I had a nice cheese sandwich and a glass of Sprite as my dinner. Then provided nice blanket and pillow for the long ride to Arequipa. Much better and more comfortable then flying in an airplane for same time duration.

Anyhow arriving this morning into Arequipa. The city is at the foot of El Misti volcano and oozing the best of Spanish colonial charm. Arequipa vies with Cuzco as title of Peru’s most attractive city. Arequipa was built out of pale volcanic rock called sillar and the old buildings dazzing in the sun which give the city nickname the “white city”.Day 8 - Arequipa , Peru - May 1st 2009

This morning Andres gives us a walk around of the city area.
Going around the Monasterio de Santa Catalina, a convent built in the 16th century.

We go to a nice local market and check out all the goods. Market is full of colorful fruits and vegetables, a great display of good workmanship.
Check out a nice juice bar in which Frog juice was being served. A very interesting thing to see and almost came about trying it out.

This city has lots to offer, then we visit the main square area and decide its one of the nicest squares I have visited. We stop at the local Cathedral and check out the building, quite impressive. Highly recommend this city for all.Day 8 - Arequipa , Peru - May 1st 2009

This evening we are met by our local guide for Chivay and Colca Canyon portion of the trip. He gives us a big briefing on the days to come. This is getting way exciting that I can’t wait to get to the Colca Canyon.

This evening we are off to dinner in a nice restaurant in the downtown core. I eat Mustard Chicken and its amazing, and drink a glass of Coca- Cola. Really great. I wish I could remember the name of that restaurant. Another fine example of good cuisine in Peru. Minus the people who still got sick in my group from eating anything.

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