Beaches in Greece

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Beaches in Greece

Having to write about beaches in Greece is like writing about pasta in Italy and alternative medicine in China. Endless topics, full of creative diversity. As a means to narrow down a never ending theme like that, I believe it would be best to list beaches in Greece according to their popularity among tourists and locals, so here goes:

  1. Lefkada Island- Porto Katsiki, Kathisma and Egkremnoi are the 3 most notorious beaches that tourists the world over want to visit (and visit), located on the west side of the island. Deep blue, crystal waters and sandy beaches with thick white sand await to be explored and welcome people that need some relaxation. Each summer tourists form lines at ports, longing to be taken to the gem of the Aegean with the most beautiful sunsets. Steep cliffs and natural beauty with lots of green is what you should expect to find in Lefkada. On the other hand, of you want to enjoy the sun and the sea you will have to climb down many steps, so be prepared and quite fit before heading to Lefkada!
  2. Zakinthos Island- Nauagio (The Ship Wreck) is the most scenic beach of the island, which has been named after a ship called “Panajiotis” that crashed due to bad weather conditions on the rocky formations at the northwestern part of the island, while carrying cigarettes illegally back in 1982. Although the beach remains unreachable by land, it can be visited by sea, through cruises that are regularly organized by tourist agencies that sail and let tourists dive in the greenish perfectly clear waters.
  3. Kefalonia Island- Mirtos is perhaps the most jaw-dropping beach I have ever laid eyes on. It makes no wonder why it is so highly appraised worldwide since its natural beauty blended in a perfect surrounding with mountains full of tall green pine trees and olives and the huge well-organized beach are more than enough to satisfy every taste and kind of holiday. Lying there and letting your mind dive into the deep blue or the sky that seems to line up with the Ionian Sea is something amazing, worth living to experience.IMG_2064 Beaches in Greece
  4. Antipaksoi Island-Vrika is just perfect for those that seek for a beach with white sand, white pebbles and emerald green waters. Just image the color combination. It makes it the right spot for an artist that wants inspiration and that is why you will see lots of them sitting on slopes around the beach, picturing and painting. It is not organized with sea beds but it has thick vegetation and traditional small quaint restaurants that complete a more relaxed and family-like way of having your vacation.
  5. Crete is full of beaches with astonishing beauty. Balos is one of them, which you can reach either by boat or after some driving on a bumped road and then some hiking. Once you step foot on the beach, take my word for it, you will forget EVERYTHING! Warm, shallow waters (perfect for kids to play in and older people), fine white sand and waters so clear that you can see every little detail in them is what will welcome you. It is rightfully compared to beaches of the Caribbean, as it lacks nothing from them.
  6. Myconos Island- Lia. Myconos might be famous all over the world for its clubs, intense nightlife and open minded people flooding it every summer, but its beaches are its big ace. Lia is a glorious and perfectly organized beach, surrounded by rocks that create a more secluded version of the densely populated beaches of the island. Of course the crystal blue waters make the perfect combination with the brightly white picturesque houses and wind mills.
  7. Ikaria Island-Seychelles is just the beach you are looking for is you prefer quiet, exotic-like, pebble-beaches. The sea is full of underwater caves and there is also a small cave right next to the beach that tourists can explore or let their kids play in, as it is completely harmless. It is considered as the divers’ heaven, due to its profound sea-bed beauty and it can reached through a small path that starts from the main road and heads down to the shore. IMG_1798 Beaches in Greece
  8. Xalkidiki-Ammouliani. Xalkidiki is the place North Greeks call “Divine”, mostly due to its majestic and enchanting beaches. The only residential island in Xalkidiki is Ammouliani and its beach seduces every visitor. It is a 10-minute sail from Tripiti, the opposite shore, with ferry boats that run regularly. It is an idyllic combination of golden fine sand, green-bluish sea, thick plantation and huge rock formations that catch the eye and steal the heart of everyone visiting it.
  9. Skiathos Island-Lalaria is THE most breath taking beach I have seen, located on the northeast of the island of Skiathos that is flooding with tourists and locals every summer Vivid nightlife and fiery people all over add up to the islands diversity. Lalaria beach is not reachable by land and when north winds blow strong it is totally beyond reach. However, it has beauties far from commonly seen, with white rounded pebbles that have been the result of the sea splashing on rock formations around the beach for millions of years.  On the other hand, Koukounaries beach is the most famous beach of the island that has taken its name by the pine cone trees that surround it and draws people like bees to honey with its unmatchable beauty that makes you feel like dreaming.
  10. Corfu Island-Sidari beach is an amazing beach with clean sand and water (although a bit colder that what used to in Aegean islands). It is perfect for families with children as the waters don’t go over your knee and the fine sand makes it easy to walk into and out of the sea. Small pebbles and lots of shells to collect right, with lots of green around and a clear blue sky caressing your thoughts, are just a few of the things that will amaze you in that Ionian island that is gifted with lots of plantations and fresh air.
  11. Milos Island-Sarakiniko Beach is a flash trip to the moon and back! Volcanic Rock formations chiseled by the north winds and waves seem like giant chalks creating a stunning contrast with the turquoise waters. It is an island full of caves, since it used to be a starting point of many pirates back in older days, so it is ideal if you like adventure and exploring!
  12. Ios Island-Tou Papa to Aulaki is a secluded beach that is the center and pole of attraction of many tourists that want to spend their night sleeping in their tents next to the sea. It has soft golden sand and green and blue waters that look so inviting once you set eyes on them. All that, combined with numerous pine trees all around, planted by an individual, make the whole place even more idyllic.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Beaches in Greece
  13. Serifos Island-Psili Ammos is a favored destination for many tourists, especially ones that prefer to sail the seas with their yachts and spend their nights next to beautiful small scenic islands. Fine sand, clean and clear waters are things highly appreciated in the island, while the small traditional tavern serves the best sea food treats and ouzo.
  14. Thasos- Aliki is the most picturesque beach in Greece. It is divided in two small beaches with the brightest white color you have ever seen in a beach, and green waters. There used to be a quarry there that has left its signs with huge sized bulks of rocks lying inside the sea, up to now completing a heart-stealing landscape with pine trees and a warm blue sky.

As I have mentioned when I first sat down to write this experience-sharing log, Greece is so full of gorgeous beaches that it would practically take forever writing about all of them. Stated here, are some of the most popular beaches and tourist attractions. There is so much more for you to explore, so next time you visit Greece, make sure you spread your wings to unknown destinations.

Who knows? Maybe you come across a hidden gem, of the many waiting to be found in Greek land, worth sharing with the rest of us here!

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