Berlin, Germany – May 2006 – day tour – Hitlers Bunker

Berlin, Germany – May 2006 – day tour – Hitlers Bunker

Berlin Travel,June 26th, 2009
Get up this morning and have a simple breakfast. As we are in a more expensive country, so breakfast was simple. In hostels cafe, we are served canned eggs, rubber toast and looks like hash browns out of can, quite dodgy,but I guess you can’t live like a king forever.

Anyhow,This morning began with our tour manager Pete directing us to the nearest tram station in order to meet our local tour guide for the Third Reich Walking Tour optional. In addition Contiki generously provided us with a 6€ all day tram pass.

We met our German tour guide at the Karl Marx statue near Alexanderplatz.1294122_1245508711891_bigthumb Berlin, Germany - May 2006 - day tour - Hitlers Bunker

He did a fantastic job, keeping the group entertained during the near 3 ½ hour tour. Some of the sights we walked by included: Brandenburg Gate, Hitler’s Bunker, The Propaganda Ministry, Checkpoint Charlie, sections of the Berlin Wall, etc., etc. etc. The guide, a mid-20 year old from New York, definitely makes me highly recommend doing this optional. By the end of it though we were all exhausted.
From here we have lunch but I can not remember what it was. Then we visited the Checkpoint Charlie museum, to which its totally amazing. I get a whole history of the West and East German era and of communism, very interesting. In the gift shop, I buy some post cards, as well they sell tiny tiny pieces of concrete of the Berlin wall here for over 30 euros, I pass on this one.

After lunch, Seth and I practically walked around ever major attraction in central Berlin.

1294122_1245508711477_bigthumb Berlin, Germany - May 2006 - day tour - Hitlers BunkerThe one thing I looked forward to doing was going inside the glass dome on top of the Reichstag. We line up and go into the structure, its worth the time and security of getting into. Its all made of glass and you get an amazing view of the city of Berlin, this is my favourite German city.
From here we walk around some more, then its time to go back to the Generator hostal to regroup for our outtings tonight. We were relieved to hop on the tram and have a seat for the 15 min ride back to our hostel stop (or so we thought). It seems we hopped off one stop too soon.

Completely lost for near three-fourths an hour, and asking a few locals for directions, we finally found The Generator hostel. More than spent, we flopped on our beds for a good half hour before our next adventure. The latter adventure was a little more exciting, than the uneventful, but highly pleasurable sightseeing done this morning into the late afternoon.
We rejoing our group in lobby and off for the Berlin Dinner and Nightlife optional. We start off at restuarant for a meal of something I can not remember and beer. Then we join another tour leader and walk around Berlin, drinking shots everywhere we go. WE end up at a few bars, where no one else goes to and have many drinks. We talk to the Colonel about his future plans in life and he says many great things towards his desires for “ladies of the night”. He plans tonight to go after the nightlife tour go on his own and visit a brothel.

too funny.
Anyhow we make it to a night club at the end and its full of locals, on a tuesday night. We have many drinks and dance it to many great tunes.From here its getting too crowded and I decide it time to call it a night and make it on my own back to hostel. taxi.

MY contiki Russian trip is over for me.1294122_12455087112333_bigthumb Berlin, Germany - May 2006 - day tour - Hitlers Bunker

I have a long journey tomorrow as I leave the rest of the tour, instead of going to Back Denmark, I fly to Greece and go to the Contiki resort on Mykonos greece. I have several blog on this adventure, so check it out.

Anyhow, to continue my story. Around 5am that night, THe Colonel returns from his adventures somewhere, lol.

In the morning around breakfast, the Colonel tells us his story, he finally made it to a Brothel, mentions it was very expensives and the women were very nice, however the costumers there were mostly all old men, naked, apparently it was some bar where u have to walk around without pants!!, yuck, freaky guy.

Anyhow, thats the Colonel’s story. Just be careful if you ever run into a Dr. Colonel anywhere in your travels.

Well folks thats all for now for my Scandi/ russia Tour, it was an amazing trip and met many amazing people.

I have many many more blogs on Travbuddy. feel free to contact me with questions on anything and everything.

I wish you well on your travels as well and Like to see your photos as well.

Thank you all and see you soon.

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