Berlin, Germany – May 2006 – on route and evening in city

Berlin, Germany – May 2006 – on route and evening in city

Berlin Travel,June 25th, 2009

Today we are up and have breakfast. Off to Germany today, for which trip is almost done. We pack our bags and get onto our Contiki bus.

It was a bummer leaving this high-society hotel. But one full day in Warsaw was a perfect amount of time, plus I’m excited for Berlin. One of my university courses focused entirely on the Third Reich. Even after reading a 600 page biography on Hitler (among other NSDAP books) I still feel naïve as to the long term affects the Nazi uprising has had on the German population.1294122_12454733118169_bigthumb Berlin, Germany - May 2006

Are German residents still influenced? Hopefully spending sometime in Berlin will shed some light on my query.

It was a pretty uneventful morning and afternoon. A few rest stops here, a little sleeping there. Tour manager Pete kept us occupied by playing television theme songs on the speakers, quizzing us on their origin. Closing in on Berlin TM Pete gave us a very articulate lecture on Germany’s history. I was very impressed how long he was able to talk. Even more so that I stayed interested throughout his lecture.

Once in Berlin we immediately drove around the city, viewing the sights from afar.

One stop we did make however was to get gasoline. It was no coincidence that right across the street from the gas station, stood the Berlin Wall’s East Side Gallery. It was a thrilling moment to walk next to this massive structure I had read about so many times during my college years. We were only given about fifteen minutes to check it out though, which wasn’t nearly enough time to walk even 1/10th of the gallery. I planned on coming back tomorrow for sure. The city looks incredible even through the windows of the Contiki coach. We make it to the Berlin wall, well I already explained this, its amazing and powerful to be here, I walk into no mans land and its kindy creepy. Its is an honour to be able to stand in this spot of world history. You have to read the history to understand this area better.I cannot wait until tomorrow for a whole day of sightseeing.

1294122_12454733122761_bigthumb Berlin, Germany - May 2006One thing Contiki does which I love is normally once per tour an included meal isn’t provided for us.

Instead Contiki gives us 10€ to buy dinner wherever. In unusual circumstances for a walkabout meal, the entire Contiki group went to the same restaurant Pete recommended. The establishment, Joe’s Beer Hall was sensational. They served authentic German food. I ordered hash browns, spinach, steak w/mushrooms, all melting in my mouth. Although the pork knuckles with sauerkraut, bratwurst, and other Germanic food was hard to avoid. When dinner concluded, Jasmine (New Zealand) and I walked around the area for about 20 minutes before catching the Contiki bus to the Generator Hostel. The Generator in Berlin is extremely nice for hostel standards. Compared to the one in London, it is very upscale. They have a bar; internet, laundry, plus most rooms are ensuite.1294122_1245473313493_bigthumb Berlin, Germany - May 2006
Being in Germany, drinking age is 15, at our hostel, there many 15 year olds there, as we were going to the night club for a beer, it was full of all these 15 year olds, who were very very drunk and loud, Quite disturbing. so we left and drank in our rooms.

Stay turned for tomorrow, our day in Berlin.

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