Best Shopping Places in Bahrain

Best Shopping Places in Bahrain


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Bahrain is one of the most popular shopping destinations in the world. There are many shopping places ranging from modern shopping malls to souks (markets) where you can buy natural pearls, ceramics, mats, carpets and other products. Shopping in the markets offers you a chance to bargain with the sellers. No matter your location in Bahrain you will always be at close proximity to a shopping mall or market. The malls in Bahrain stock international brands and locals brands.
The following are the best shopping places in Bahrain:
• This affluent shopping mall is located at the Bahrain World Trade Centre. It is home to stores that sell fashionable clothes including the most luxurious international clothing labels.
• Moda Mall has posh restaurants that specialize in Middle Eastern dishes. There are cinema halls and perfume shops. This mall is one of the most beautiful in the Middle East.
• This mall located in Manama is one of the oldest and most established in Bahrain. There are boutiques that stock many trendy clothes and footwear.
• There are cafes, restaurants, electronic shops and jewellery stores.
• This shopping mall is located in Manama. There are boutiques, restaurants, cafes and clothing shops.
• You will find international and local brands. There are perfume shops that sell international and local perfumes.
• Manama Souq simply translates to Manama Market. This is the best place to buy unique items like leather products, ceramics, pottery and carvings.
• Manama market has shops many where you can buy a wide variety of spices. There are shops that sell exotic Middle Eastern perfumes. Some perfume shops can create fragrances that suit your personal preferences.
• This luxurious shopping mall is located in Seef District. It is a popular shopping place among wealthy Bahrainis and foreign tourists.
• You will find stores that stock designer clothes, watches and high quality jewellery. It has posh restaurants and cafes that offer spectacular views of the surrounding city and landscape.
• You will also get specialty stores, boutiques, bookstores and perfume stores.

• This is arguably one of the best places to buy high quality Persian carpets not only in the Middle East but also in the world. Unlike most of the other carpet shops, you will be able to find every type of carpet in this shop. The carpets are available in many designs and prices are competitive.
• It is the largest and most popular mall in Bahrain. There are many shops, coffee bars, restaurants and cinema halls.
• You will find international clothing labels and shops that sell unique Bahraini souvenirs.
• Al Seef Mall is designed in a way that makes your shopping experience memorable and enjoyable.
• This shop specializes in confectionery, Arabic coffee, pastries and other sweet Middle Eastern beverages. This shops is a must visit for anyone who loves sweets and anything sweet.
• It is located in Muharraq souk.
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