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For our trip to New York we wanted to go on some quintessential tour, but we didn’t know where to start. That’s when we stumbled across one site A few things came together to make this site the best guidebook for our trip. It had an easy-to-use interface and plenty of generators to find the perfect places to stay, types of venues you’d like to go to, a regularly updated blog and am plenty of deals on all of them. One of the most useful parts of the site was the transportation page, which every tour site doesn’t have. It showed some vintage ways to go around New York, and some good car rental deals for the newcomer.

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My friend and I found plenty of five-star hotels for affordable prices on the cross-referencing hotel searcher. We wanted a quiet place and one of the prime suggestions was to stay at The Court -Giles New York. It’s a graceful and cozy apartment located in a quieter part of New York in a pleasant neighborhood. It had all the facilities, amenities and good service that would make our stay enjoyable. The staff could not have been more accommodating, and there were facilities that aimed to keep the guests entertained from morning to night. The neighborhood provided a quiet spot in between some of the largest crowds and most popular tours we ever taken.

What we really timed our trip around was Restaurant Week that went on for a very limited time every year. It’s when over 300 restaurants suspend their high prices and serve all their food during dinner at $38. It wouldn’t have been easy to get in on the spur of the moment which is why it was so useful for the site to help us book reservations. We signed up for three restaurants with the idea that we might go to a few more. However, we ended up only being able to get into the venues we signed for.

One of my favorite restaurants was Morimoto, and authentic Japanese experience. We took quite a few tips from the site, and found both the popular eateries and the ones off the map as well. My friend and I were food lovers so we booked the Slice of Pizza Brooklyn Tour. We were leery about the price forgetting just a few slices of pizza but it came highly recommended by people both in the tour section of the site and on the blog reviews. It turned out to be the perfect world Brooklyn. There is so much exciting history and meaning behind this lady was in New York and Brooklyn was by far one of the most fascinating areas. To top it off we did have the best pizza of our lives go to bed from two of the most famous pizzerias in the city. Like most of the events suggested on the site it felt like a real New York experience.

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We took the time to look over the blog and it led to one of my friends favorite eateries. There were some of the best-known chocolate shops all around town, and a blog article suggested the best places to hit. We had chocolate shakes, truffles, gelato, cake, and more from a variety platter at a gourmet shop. We were able to get a discount spot in the audience of a fashion walkway. It showed modern European fashions from Italy and France, designed both in Europe and around the east coast.

The Big three combo

The Big three combo

The page we visited most was Deals. We have careful budget while we were in New York and the deals page shaped much of what we did. At an affordable price we never felt constrained as we went to one show after another. We started out playfully with the showing of Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark, and we got more than we bargained for. The web slinger soared above our heads as the Green Goblin circled around on his glider. The site gave us a premium discount on the showing of Mary Poppins the next night. It was a lot like the movie and we were soon humming the tunes to all the songs we knew so well. We almost wrapped up our final Broadway musical with Lion King.

Of course there were the iconic places to visit. And showed us how to get there in style. We boarded the sailboat City Clipper. It was the Manhattan By Sail Tour, a wide sailboat that glided across the water without the drone of engines or machinery. We aided in raising the sails, and then we were off. We passed not only the Statue of Liberty but the Brooklyn Bridge as well. The bridge was stunning during the sunset.

The best tour of all was New York CityPass. It was a package deal where, at a greatly discounted price, you could get admission into something that would otherwise be over $100 collectively. Must-see areas were covered by the CityPass. By booking the package deal in advance, we were able to not only get a discount but also get some good advice about where and when to go to the hotspots in New York. We saw the Empire State Building in the morning, and then afterwards headed straight to the Metropolitan Museum of Art.

We had sailed past the Statue of Liberty, but the CityPass gave us access to Ellis Island. We went on a tour (within a tour) of Ellis Island. There were a lot of places to stand in our nation’s history within the city. Ellis Island had an excellent tour circuit, that covered both the history and areas that were especially significant when the Potato Famine drove countless immigrants into the country.

Best of New York Shows

Best of New York Shows

We went to prehistoric history in the American Museum of Natural History. There were hundreds of thousands and possible millions of fossils to see within the exhibit. Or to be more specific, there were over forty exhibits in the museum. We were able to walk through giant dinosaur fossils, and see more that we had never known existed. The exhibits to see were almost too overwhelming. We went to “Journey to the Stars” where stars and the sky are projected on the dome-like ceiling. It was a mesmerizing and surreal experience.

After that, we were caught on museums. Fortunately, we’d prepared for it in advance and the site had some great deals. We wanted to continue out our museum tour with an offbeat theme, so we went to Madame Tussauds Wax Museum. We were lucky and got in within ten minutes—a far more gracious wait than an hour. The similarity of the wax statues to the best known faces in America was both eerie and thrilling. We saw a chance at everything: pop culture, ancient literature, and comics to my friend’s delight. She was something of a Marvel fan, and got to enjoy some time with Captain America, Thor, Iron Man, the Hulk and Spider-Man (is he in the Avengers?) We ended up taking some comfortable seats at the Marvel 4D exhibit, and “experiencing” the Marvel comics.

We brought our cameras, but lots of the wax figurines were “look, don’t touch.” Still, there were hundreds of wax figurines open for kisses, hugs, hands-on-shoulders and bunny ears. There was a group of giggling girls around the Twilight figurines. I went in for a picture with a few celebrities who weren’t pseudo vampires. We went to the SCREAM showing which plays regularly, and I actually got a few scares from the whole thing. It was far more hands on for a museum than I’d ever been to, especially since before I thought of it as a ‘lifeless wax’ museum.

After the wax museum, we got a slice of beauty with the Cloister Museum and gardens. They advertised their tapestries, and they more than lived up to it when we saw them. The architecture was beautiful, a little Spanish with the open, arched walkways and smooth stone. Moreover, there were guides and tours in every direction. We had a hard time choosing which ones to go to. Eventually, we huddled in with a group of a dozen to be guided around the cloisters with interesting gallery talks by the curator. She went around talking about the history and making of the relics, and pointing out the preservation of the architecture.

By far, my favorite part about the Cloister Museum was the concert within a chapel of the Cloisters. They chapel had amazing acoustics, and the performances were extremely sought after. Fortunately, thanks to the site we were able to book our spots in advance. We attended the Play of Daniel also called Ludus Danielis. It had played for almost a hundred years, and was critically acclaimed. The costumes and acting were dramatic and rich, a medieval performance unlike any I’d ever seen.

We spent a long time in the gardens of the Cloister Museum, and ended up spending more time than we thought we would there. I loved hearing about medieval history, and my friend enjoyed the architecture in the cloisters. It wasn’t just a view of relics, it was an enriching experience. This was the museum that felt the least like a museum, and more like a walk through history.

There was no question that we would eventually go to the Museum of Modern Arts. Not only was it one of the best known museum in New York, it also held its own with the main attractions, as the fifth top selling one in the city. We went there with high expectations and I, at least, did not come away disappointed. In fact, as everyone was saying, it was outside the scope of what I anticipated.

Some of the pieces within the museum were puzzles within themselves. I especially enjoyed examining the pyramid-obelisk piece, in which the point of a tall obelisk is balanced on the point of a pyramid. It was the wonders of the world, arranged in an abstract way. However, not all the abstract was cold and impersonal. Many of the abstract paintings overflowed with warmth and beauty.

The Experience you want

The Experience you want

There weren’t just statues and paintings, there was most everything. Modernization happened to all aspects of society, which led us to the vehicles. There were some impeccably preserved motorcycles and old-new cars. We walked through literal mazes of artistic pieces. The setup was modern itself, the very arrangement around the rooms.

We had a walk through the development of modern art. There were rooms themed with certain decades, and the curator was happy to explain how and who made this come about. Some of it was familiar, from modern homes. But even those had a background behind it that I had yet to hear about. I was no expert of modern arts by any means, by the time I left, but I had gathered quite a few new fun facts.

Our final museum stop was the Metropolitan Museum of Art. This was the first time my friend and I went our separate ways in a museum, and we never ran into each other even once. The place was huge, and I heard it was one of the biggest museums in the world, over five city blocks. We might not have been wise to forgo to the tours in this case, but I spent more time in one area than I would have with a steady tour. I was in the Egyptian exhibit almost the entire time. There were hundreds of pieces, and the immersive ancient Egyptian Temple of Dendur.

I recommend for your next big trip to New York city.



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