Big Adventures in Little Akihabara, Tokyo

Big Adventures in Little Akihabara, Tokyo

A place of wonder and fantasy, Akihabara developed into a bustling capital of new and unique culture. Akihabara is like a little city situated in the city of Tokyo. The area around Akihabara has become the place to be for many sub culture to rise; such as the theme Otaku for individuals associated in the world of anime, manga comics, and related stuffs. Akihabara is located in Tokyo, capital of Japan, and by going into Akihabara one must access a direct flight to Tokyo with a variety of ways


to enjoy the full service of the trip. There are various amenities to choose from between two primary entry ways to Japan by means of Tokyo Narita Airport or the Haneda Airport. Both of these airports are sophisticated on the

ir own rights and as part of the trip provide satisfaction to visitors. The Early Airway Tokyo Jet Charter promises to provide satisfaction and comfort to customers during the trip to Akihabara. The Jet charter caters from personal and leisure to business and mega corporate travels; with its wide fleet of aircraft ready to handle one’s preference.


Cosplay  is basically the short term for costume playing; it is a portrayal of a character from an anime or cartoon, manga or comics, etc. The capability and desire to be someone alike is the idea of the art of cosplaying Akihabara welcomes anyone with this desire. The streets along Akihabara provide to be the platforms for showcasing one’s inner childhood as anyone can dress up in their favorite attire, while no one seems to react negatively. The shops in Akihabara even sell costumes that satisfy one’s desire, in a variety of choice from ancient Japan to modern times. Visitors and tourist will surely have a fun time just by dressing up like a character on TV. A restaurant or café also offers this type of art as the establishment lets its employees to dress up like a character, during working hours.

Idol Star


Akihabara produces one

of Japan’s leading money making businesses, as it earns large revenue and also promotes Japan to the world.  Japan has many trade secrets and one of this Is through pop culture of anime and music; just like in the case of JPOP or Japanese pop music. The idea of idol or the artist admired dearly by the masses who performs singing and dancing with the tunes of anime and uplifting songs that anyone loves to hear. Akihabara has direct relation between celebrity singers and the masses, as the area is being developed to promote the art of JPOP music close to the audience. This building offers a tour visit to meet and greet the idol stars; like the famous group AKB48 that has a show almost every night at their own building bringing in fans closer to the idol stars.


A trip to Akihabara will

TOKYO-SKYTREE-credit-to-(c)not be complete without a taste of video gaming, as it is considered one of the pioneers and gem of video games. The entire area of Akihabara has many shops dedicated to video gaming from retro games to the new release items; Akihabara caters to everyone’s needs for video game entertainment. The club Sega alone can satisfy one’s desire of entertainment; it offers a perspective into the world of virtuality. The club Sega offers a variety of games to choose from and it can either be button smashing games to interactive games like virtual sports, and even 3d to 4d rides. The area around Akihabara is filled with different shops and different appeals to it in terms of video games.

Anime and Manga

Another area in Akihabara that is worthy of mentioning is the industry of anime and manga. Akihabara caters to rising fans and customers to the pop culture as it provides many shops to choose from that sells merchandise and other stuffs related to the world of anime and manga. The variety of shops offers unique and innovative ideas to satisfy every customer’s anime and manga pleasure.


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