Canadian Railway System

Canadian Rail System Rocks!

By: Kayla MacIntosh

The Canadian Railway System is very interesting.

The constant washroom pit stops, annoying traffic and boring scenery of the car in front of you.Want to really enjoy your travels? If you responded yes to this question then don’t fret, your solution isn’t far. In fact it’s in eight out of ten Canadian provinces. Via Rail Canada is the largest and most renowned rail system in the country, operating nearly five hundred trains per week. The Canadian Railway System is very interesting.

For years now I’ve travelled by train for spontaneous travels with family but it’s only this past year that I’ve gotten the full treatment from Via Rails services. Going to university away from home I found myself going back and forth between Ottawa and Toronto for several different holidays during the year. Trying to think of the most convenient and enjoyable form of transportation, Via Rail was always the first to come to mind.

canadia railway systemIf you’re going to be stuck in a vehicle for a long period of time why not at least have someone else do the driving for you? No, it’s not as fast as a plane but it sure is a heck of a lot cheaper. Just think, instead of spending valuable minutes stopping to eat, drink and go to the washroom you can do all of that while riding  Via Rail trains without wasting precious travel time. Via’s all around access to food, drinks and restrooms makes for an effortless trip.

While you sit back and relax in Via’s economy, business or sleeper class seats don’t forget to enjoy what I find one of the best parts; the view. Free and endless, Via Rails travel routes often pass by outstanding scenery. Fortunately enough on my first and every train ride home since I’ve had the opportunity to gaze at the gorgeous view of Lake Ontario. Spending about an hour of the route back home only meters away from the shoreline it’s easy to say that the view of the water was much more captivating then that of the rear end of a car. So for once let someone else do the driving while you enjoy the view!

Allowing someone else to be your chauffeur allows you to catch up on things you wouldn’t of necessarily had time to do if you’d been driving. With Via Rails  endless wireless internet connection anyone aboard gets access to this free service. No need to worry about losing contact wit

and others because with Via’s amazing connections feel free to send important emails, chat with friends, work on business on the road and do all the social networking you please! Not to mention there’s an outlet for each passenger right at their seat, allowing them to charge any and all of their electronics they please. Via Rails countless services make it simple to travel with ease.

After a long afternoon of watching stunning scenery, emailing all your friends details about your trip and uploading pictures to the web I bet you’re exhausted. Well, no fear, cause Via Rail is here! With access to free pillows, blankets and a reclining seat you won’t have to worry about losing a minute of shut eye. Don’t worry about leg room because with Via Rails large amount of space for luggage, including overhead compartments your legs will have all the space they could ever want. Sleeping on a train is probably the most comfortable form of rest I’ve ever received because there’s no need to worry about getting seasick, turbulence, or car sick; with Via Rails steady speed on the tracks your sleep is sure to go undisturbed.

When you’ve finished your beauty sleep and your stomachs in need of a little fill a Via Rail employee will be more then happy to help. Selections ranging from fruit, vegetable and cheese platters to wraps, sandwiches, chips, candy and other treats, you’re sure to be stuffed. Although Via Rails menu items such as alcoholic beverages and other refreshments are quite high priced it’s worth all the time spared not having to stop for fast food. With Via Rails varying nutritional options your needs are sure to be satisfied.

Food isn’t the only thing Via Rail has options for. Both men and women employees are fluent in English and French speaking languages, making sure that whichever you’re most comfortable with is available to you. During my experiences of many train rides back and forth from home to university I’ve always received the best, if not exceptional service from Via Rail staff. They’re very helpful with luggage and showing you to your seat and always answered any questions I had. Whenever riding with Via Rail the employees have always been very courteous and made me feel safe and comfortable to be traveling with them.

Safety and accessibility is something that Via Rail Canada is far from lacking. Special treatment is given to passengers who are pregnant, have children or who

have reduced mobility. Wheelchairs and electric scooters are allowed on the train  as well as those who are visually or hearing impaired. Making everyone feel as comfortable as possible, Via Rails service standards are exceptional. Last but not least, Via Rail also offers special offers and discounts to passengers. It’s as easy as signing up and becoming a member and instantly you’re opened to a world of discounts and limited time offers.

With all the above mentioned benefits of traveling by train and being able to ride for as low as $69.00 I’d say Via Rail Canada should be highly regarded on everyones list. As long as you don’t mind a few simply rules such as no smoking aboard, you can’t blast your music too loud and just general courtesy to others then I’d say you and Via Rail are the perfect match. So quit with all the hassles of other means of transportation and let someone else do the dirty work for you for once. With affordable prices, amazing staff and a variety of services available I don’t see a reason not to join me and choose Via Rail Canada the next time you travel.

This amazing article about train travel in Canada is written by the amazing writer with assistance of By: Kayla MacIntosh.


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