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I am writing this review because I can’t say enough about, and it’s all good. I travel frequently in my business and I typically book my own reservations. I had heard of before, but for some reason had never gotten around to trying it. When attempting to book a trip a few months ago, it started to become confusing and it was taking forever. I was having difficulty finding what I wanted and just getting it to come together. A friend of mine mentioned, so I decided to finally check it out.

A Simple and Straightforward Travel Booking Website, Imagine That

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With, purchasing an airline ticket is no longer the painstaking and frustrating ordeal as with other sites. The simplicity enables users to have a clean and uncluttered website to fill in a few blanks and easily book their flight, hotel, cruise, or rental car. The first thing I noticed was that the website was laid out very simply. There was no clutter or confusion and it was extremely easy to use, if you can imagine that. Being able to easily maneuver around the site was very refreshing. I had my flight, hotel, and rental car booked within about 20 minutes or less.

In addition to the easy navigation on the site, has a sophisticated booking engine that does the most exhaustive search for low fares and travel specials on the internet. It found me a flight for $130 less than another flight I had looked at. The hotel I booked turned out to be even nicer that I imagined and had a great mid-price. The rental car was a nice little car with a super nice price. I couldn’t have been more pleased.

When booking my flight, I neglected to include my frequent flier miles; however, I easily found directions on the site for rectifying the situation. I had no problem at all changing it. I saved my frequent flier information on the website and it will be automatically applied the next time I travel.

Hit the slopes for less

Hit the slopes for less

 The Benefits of Booking Travel Plans with has numerous added benefits such as an exclusive Price Drop Payback. If the price on the flight you have booked goes down before you depart, you’ll receive a credit for up to $100. You can use that credit on your next flight. In addition, they have begun using a Trusted Traveler Membership. This is a program that you can apply for in order to bypass most of the frustrating security delays. warns that this membership is not easily obtained. There is paperwork to do, background checks, and other rigorous screening. However, in order to continue feeling secure when flying, I wouldn’t have it any other way. It also has a $100 fee. Therefore, it would probably only be worthwhile for frequent flyers. They say that so far, members have been quite pleased. You can bet I will be signing up.

How Was Born

I was so impressed with this company; I did some research to learn more about it. Jeff Klee and a friend started in their dorm room in 1989. The two were attempting to plan a backpacking trip through Europe on a very limited budget. They quickly learned the ins and outs of the airline business. After that, Klee realized he had a gift for finding cheaper prices when traveling. Other people started paying him to arrange their vacations as well. It kept growing and turned into a great business.

This was at a time when people still had to pick-up their tickets from their travel agent in order to receive them in advance. Klee was the first to set-up a convenient FedEx ticket delivery for their customer’s convenience.

Today, the company has 50 employees dedicated to giving excellent customer service and getting their customers the best prices on their vacations. They have helped over 3 million people buy the best airfare. It is easy to understand why this company has over a 95% positive feedback.

Innovative Features with is the first to add a tool to its already amazing search capabilities, which informs customers of hard-to-find information. They can learn which planes have personal video monitors, live TV, Wi-Fi, and other added extras. This feature narrows down the search process to give customers exactly what they desire on their flight.

If that’s not enough, has a new ranking system, which displays their recommendation for top ranking flights. It scores the flights on features such as on-time percentages, total travel time, the rating of the airline, comfort, on-board amenities, and of course, cost. Their top picks are flagged and are indicated with a star next to the listing.

I consider finding to be a great discovery. I can’t imagine there would ever be an occasion for me to go anywhere else in the future. Someone will have to offer some remarkable features in order for me to change. I highly recommend to anyone who flies either frequently or only occasionally. After you discover the savings and convenience of booking your travel with, I predict that like me, you will become a customer for life.



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