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My least favorite part of planning any trip is booking the hotel. I hate the reservation fees, I hate the hassle of trying to find the right location, and I hate the rat race that is finding a place in my budget. It is, by far, the thing that I put off for the longest. I can have my bags packed for next morning’s flight, and only then sit down and start looking for a hotel. I don’t know what it is specifically, but I can’t help but feel that it has to do with the amount of information that is out there. It is, to say the very least, overwhelming. There are dozens of self-proclaimed low budget websites. They guarantee the best prices and push themselves as having more options than any other hub on the internet.

I guess with so many options I get not only overwhelmed, but frustrated. I hate the obligatory hour that I spend doing cross price comparisons and looking at maps. With that being said I have recently discovered a website that I feel meets my needs and saves me the hassle of running around the inter-webs trying to obtain some level of self-assurance that I have found the right hotel for me.

Save big on Eco - Friendly Destinations!

Save big on Eco – Friendly Destinations! is an extensive website that offers 100s upon 100s of options. Booking hotels is made easy because they show customer reviews, so that you know that you aren’t only being provided with biased company pushed locales. They even have featured hotels located at hotspots that are offering extra discounted prices.

Plan the Resort Getaway of Your Dreams with CheapOstay!

Plan the Resort Getaway of Your Dreams with CheapOstay!

I crosschecked hotel prices for three different cities with cheapostay and two other major booking websites, all of whom “guarantee” the lowest prices. Cheapostay had better prices in every instance. In a couple of the instances, the prices were better by a substantial amount. I will not ever again use another website to book my hotels. It is, simply put, not fiscally logical to book through anyone else.

They aren’t just financially sound, they also have a number of features on the website that make your life easier. For starters, when researching hotels you see maps, customer reviews, photos, and even virtual tours. All of which prevent you from having to keep a dozen other windows open while you are doing your research. It’s my favorite part of the website. I search a hotel and then I can immediately see pictures of it, check out the location, and even see individual hotel policies.

They also offer a hotel themed search for things like honeymooners, airport sleepers, and those just looking for a weekend getaway. If you still don’t see something that you are looking for, have additional questions, or would just prefer to book over the phone they have a twenty four hour call service available. Customers are able to book online, ask additional questions, and express any concerns that they may have. If you aren’t in any particular rush, you are able to send in a written message. If you do wish to call, the contacts page lists clearly separate numbers for specific needs such as existing reservations, credit card decline, new reservations, etc. Knowing where you are calling helps to skip out on lugubrious touchtone systems and call volumes.

They also have safety tips listed for travelers on the website. Tips include advice as well as direct links to the necessary websites where you can check the visa status for the country you are planning to visit as well as requirements for US and Canadian passport holders. They also list online resources such as; currency converters, weather reports, and a language translator.

Cheapostay came through for me in December. Due to a crisis, I had to completely reorganize my trip to Machu Picchu. I have to say, it was a royal pain. My hostel that I had booked in Cusco, the town I had planned for a few days prior to arriving in Machu Picchu, was booked for the night that I needed to change it to. I got on and had another hotel for the same price in less than 10 minutes.
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Cheapostay came through for me again in January. I was in the midst of planning a trip to New York with my boyfriend. The dates and the sites of choice were enough of a nightmare for us to get sorted out. And the hotels were looking like a major expense, which I anticipated for New York City, but I was hoping to find something a little more reasonably priced. I actually found a reasonably priced hotel under their featured discount hotels. Cu

stomer reviews told me that the location wasn’t too shabby either and that people were in general very happy with the customer service. In short, it was the perfect kind of hotel for a two week stay in the city.
Additionally, cheapostay links directly to where you are able to further arrange your accommodations by booking a flight and renting a car. And while this article is namely about, I feel that it would be a great crime to not mention this directly connected resource. I do a lot of international flying. I have used all of the big websites to search for and book flights. I most recently used an atrocious “discount” airline to arrive to South America. offered rates that were literally more than half what I had paid with a discount airline. The rates that are showed include all of the taxes and the prices that are crosschecked against information listed from 450 different airlines. It’s incredible. I can honestly say that I have never seen anything like it.
Hotel Special Deals – Save up to $40 with promo code HOTEL25 plus $15 instant off. Hurry!

Save big on Eco - Friendly Destinations!

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I would entreat anyone who is looking to book a flight to use cheapostay. At the very least punch your information into the website and see what pops up. You add five minutes to your research process, and the only thing that you have to lose is unnecessary expenses. What are you waiting for?


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