Cheq 40 2017

Date is September 15 2017
This year doing a race of the Cheq 40 in Hayward Wisconsin. This is my 4th time doing this event. actually one of my favourite races. The course is so much fun.
Having been on a training lay off since June. I had an issue with OTS. I am not at all to par for this event. No training and my fitness level is down low. So this is just a training race. going to be far back in the pack but that is ok.

finish line of Cheq 40 2017 in Cable Wisconsin

Anyways on the friday, leave thunder bay around in the morning and do a road trip to Hayward Wisconsin. 
I stop at Grand Portage Trading post to use bathroom and ATM. There i see 2 familar faces not really friends with them filling up their jumbo cups of cream at the self serve coffee bar.

Anyways i leave and head off. Arrive into Grand Marias for a quick stop at the gas station. Get a nice ice cap and a sandwich from the store.
Then leave and onward down the highway. 
Finally arrive in Two Harbours and i stop at my favourite gas bar, the Kwik stop there. Get some gas to top up the tank. Inside try a muffin that was made there. samples and then get a ice cap from the ice cap machine there. very cool. And a chicken wrap for a lunch. Then leave and finally back on the road. Head into Duluth and across the bridge and notice temperature went from 17c and now its was 27C . quite cool.
so finally make it to Hayward Wisconsin and able to check into hotel right away. Set things up and then head to Cable to pick up my race number. Lots of people there and the expo is going on. I buy a long sleeve jersey for $10 not bad at all. Get my stuff and finally get back to Hayward. Finally get some riding in to spin the legs. Feeling ok, i know i am no the powerful this year, but its ok, will train for winter. fat bike. So do my ride around town and head back to motel. Have a few wraps to eat and off to bed. ready for next day.

September 16 2017

Today is race day. Race is 10am. get up and have a wrap at 8am. get ready and then make my way to the Hayward school where the start is. I am in Gate 5 today.

So the drone flies over and takes a photo. I run into 2 more Thunder Bay People. Keith and Fred who are doing the 40 mile race as well.
Lots of people here
1787 people for the 40 miler. So after the Anthem., we are off!. mass start of all riders heading downtown Hayward. lots of people around cheering. the mass start is always exciting.
so a little about the Cheq 40
Friday consists of bib pickup for Saturday’s events, Pasta Feast, adult Friday Fun events, Bicycle Bowling, Bicycle Limbo, Angry Minnow beverage service, exhibitor’s expo, live music, retail sales, hundreds of miles of bike trails, great conversations, fresh air, clean water and countless stars.

Saturday, race day, starts off with Children’s Decorated Bicycle Parades at both the Hayward and Cable start lines. With a field limit of 2,100 participants, the Chequamegon 40 is the main event of the weekend. While a few compete for the chance to be called champion of the 40 miler, the rest of the field is made up of citizen’s class athletes in it for the adventure and personal challenge inherent in the sport. A concurrently run 16-mile companion event, the Short & Fat, offers a less challenging but equally exciting back woods cycling opportunity to an additional 1,000 cyclists.

Later that day, Saturday Fun for All rounds out the weekend with fun events for whole family including the Klunker Bike Toss, Lumber Jack & Jill Lo

cheq 40 -

g Pull, Flying Bunny Hop, Children’s Bicycle Rodeo and Children’s Criterium.

THis time i do my own race and pace. AS i am not ready to race proper. So yes i am back of the pack and letting people [pass me the whole way. People who i normally could leave the dust are passing me, but all well its fun.
Course was dry and fast this year. At pirate hill, i get some rum on way up as as all fat bike people drink rum apparently. at the Fire Tower Climb. I am able to ride whole hill and at one point one guy lost his chain and kept running up the hill. I grab his chain and rode up to him, he was surprised.

Anyways race was good. Able to complete it and finish. I hope to come back to it next year agin and race properly. Onward to winter training soon.
More more race locally this week, the shuniah miner in thunder bay.

Evening. is spent doing this blog.
the sunday more less just drove home and really uneventful
thanks for reading.

Well my results this year were more less a training ride.
finishing time of 3 hours and 16 minutes

1009 out of 1787 overall

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