Why Choose a Multi Stop Flight?

Why Choose a Multi Stop Flight?




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Increasingly, holiday goers are looking to fly to multiple destinations during their trips abroad. These multi stop flights are being offered by a growing number of airlines and travel brokers. So, what are the advantages of a plane ride over a single destination return ticket?

Multi Stop flights are becoming more accessible to people

The infrastructure around air travel is becoming stronger every year, with more airports, more scheduled flights, faster planes and cheaper tickets than ever before. An increasing number of people are finding that the option of combining destinations is now within their budget and timeframe. It can actually be cheaper to tie in two or more desirable locations into one trip, rather than have to pay for two separate holidays and return tickets. With the increasing air traffic and efficiency of crossing borders, transitions will take up much less of your precious holiday, leaving you more time to relax and enjoy your adventure.

Variety in destinations can make a more exciting holiday

Cherry picking the places you most wish to visit means you can fly to one place, see and do everything you want to, and then continue on to the next exciting destination. You will never have the worry of feeling stuck, isolated or bored in a location. Once you have seen the sights and tasted the atmosphere, you can move on, taking the memories with you. If the place does not quite live up to your expectations, then you can look forward to the next stop, if you find you love the place and want to spend more time there, then you will be able to plan a longer visit next time.

Themes are becoming the way to holiday

Many airlines and travel brokers are now introducing more exciting and fulfilling ways to combine destinations which tailor to a particular preference. For instance, you can take a Safari themed package around Africa; where your ticket takes you to Kenya, Tanzania, South Africa and Madagascar to see so many more animals than you could possibly find in one country alone. There is the the ‘America’s Playgrounds’ theme in the USA, where Disney Land, Disney World, Universal Studios are all covered and more. So if you have a passion for a particular aspect of travelling, be it beaches, famous landmarks, etc, then a multi stop theme is the most viable option.

It is the more eco-friendly method of travel

If, for instance, you have taken a long haul flight out to Australia, then it is much more efficient to fly from there to New Zealand or Tasmania. Returning back to your country of origin, and then flying out long haul to New Zealand separately the following year will release much CO2 into the atmosphere. It will also cost you far more, than if you had combined destinations. There is also the benefit of only having to travel long haul once, avoiding the long and tiresome journey again; as well as the inconvenience and difficulties of jet-lag.

Multi Stop Flying is a great way to personalise your holiday, maximising your trip with minimal costs. When the world is full of so much adventure and potential, there is no need to restrict your valuable time off by sticking to just one venue. You can explore the parts of the world you want, and do it in a way that is easier, cheaper, more enjoyable and better for than the environment than ever before.

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Leslie Ash is a freelance travel writer.

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