Colca Canyon – Homestay – Peru – Adventures Continued

Colca Canyon – Homestay – Peru – Adventures Continued May 3rd, 2009

Today is 3rd of May and now its time off to Colca Canyon and a homestay tonight as well. So we make our way in the van into Colca Canyon.
Colca Canyon - Homestay - Peru - Adventures ContinuedWe make it into the park to the main spot of Colca Canyon. This canyon is about twice as deep as the Grand Canyon and overs some breathtaking vies.
Its an amazing sight of the canyon, and to see something neat. Then we see the Andean Condor flying, the largest flying bird in the world. Seeing the bird for the first time was amazing as it was almost seeing an airplane flying by. Quite an amazing sight to see and an experience I can never forget.

Then we are off back to Chivay for lunch, back to same place as yesterday for an all you can eat buffet. Today for lunch I have the salad bar, and the veggies are great, indeed.

This afternoon we are off to town in the mountains for a homestay. Here we meet our host family for a one night homestay. For a real life experience we get to offer help the host family with their daily activities such as planting, collecting water, peeling potatoes.

Here I leave my stuff in a nice guest house and have to wear traditional clothes To which I find work good on me. My duties for the day are to help fish in the stream with a net. However I found out I am not that good at fishing and let the locals.

We then play a few games with the local children before joining the families at one of the local huts for dinner.

Here for dinner we are gathered at a table while the mums cook us some traditional food. We start meal off with some small potatoes which are totally amazing.
Thanks to Judy who helped to peel most of them. Then we are offered soup, potatoes and rice and veggies, the most amazing soup I have ever tasted.
The dinner is ended with some tea to which it is amazing good and good way to end the evening.

Colca Canyon - Homestay - Peru - Adventures ContinuedThen we bid are good nights and are off to bed. But before we meet our host family for a quick chat and I buy some homemade knitted hats from my mum I stay with. As appreciation for staying and having us at their residence.

So its off to bed, but we are given a hot water bottles for the night as no source of heat and it is cold outside.

So bed time now.

Wake up in the morning to the sound of someone driving around the village talking on a loudspeaker, the morning announcements.

Get up this morning, no shower as its only cold water and its very cold out still. Have breakfast with our mum and she makes us this amazing Omelet and white rice to go with it. Its totally amazing, while eating I am entertained by her young son who keeps on insisting eating breakfast on his bike in the kitchen. So quite amusing, Then its back to pack up things and head back to the van.

We bid our farewells to our mums and families and off to our next adventure to head off to Puno near Lake Titicaca.

Stay tuned for next portion of this blog, hope you like it so far.

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