Coral Gables: Florida’s Hidden Gem

Coral Gables: Florida’s Hidden Gem

Florida is a place of dreams for kids of all ages.  There are many well-known locations throughout the state and some that are considered hidden gems, like Coral Gables. This Floridian city is home to the University of Miami, boasts a little something for everyone, and has the added pleasure of being just minutes from Miami. Planning a vacation here may give you the sensation of traveling to far off lands, without even needing your passport! As you plan your adventures, be sure to secure a home base for your expeditions in one of the many Coral Gables vacation rentals.

Call the Girls and EscapeD1319042_2

It is no secret that life as an adult can sometimes become very stressful– balancing all that is asked of you with trying to have a social life is no easy task. If life has been hectic and you feel like you haven’t had as much time as you would like to spend with your best friends, then call them up and plan your escape to Coral Gables.  The city is located just minutes from Miami, offering up a playground of fun for all ages. Coral Gables also offers up plenty of serenity and calmer activities to allow for recovery when needed.

Ladies, if you are planning a girl’s vacation, don’t forget the credit card as the Miracle Mile awaits your arrival. This one stop shop will give you plenty of chances to update your wardrobe or buy a gift for someone back home as well as entertain and feed you. Bring your comfortable shopping shoes as once you get started you are likely not going to want to stop until you’ve seen every piece of this mile!

Go Hurricanes!

In terms of tourism, Coral Gables may be just the hidden gem you are looking for. However, it is a well-known location in the world of college athletics as it is home to the University of Miami Hurricanes. Whether you enjoy watching the hard hitting action of a Division I football game or find your pleasure in another athletic venue, the crowd in Coral Gables is always ready to welcome a new member.

Finding a Place to Stay

Whether you and the girls are planning on taking in the Miracle Mile or you are going to head for the University of Miami, you are going to need a place to stay. As with many cities, Coral Gables does offer a range of accommodations to all who visit. If you are looking for somewhere to call home for more than one adventure or are traveling with a larger group, you may want to consider lookin

beachg into one of the many vacation rentals in Coral Gables. These locations will not only offer the comforts of home, but the space needed for a large group to be comfortable!

Escaping to the hidden gem of Coral Gables will give visitors a chance to experience a different side of Florida. Don’t forget the swimsuit as the beach isn’t far away, but do forget the stress of everyday life on your escape– and enjoy!

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