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It would’ve been hard to start looking for the right cruise with just a few tips and a pamphlet. That’s why was such an invaluable resource for planning our cruise. The site enabled us to put a dozen of our preferences in to search for the right cruise, at the right time, for the right price. We didn’t realize the value of the site until afterwards because it turned what could have been a time-consuming and difficult process into a painless one. The guarantees that the site made were all more than fulfilled and we have the perfect getaway.

The site breaks up the cruises into different types. There is the search for cruise option where you can plug in any number of preferences and continually narrow it down to the cruise you want. There are some featured discount cruises, top offers, and search by cruise lines. Many of the cruises had different themes, from a Pharaoh tour through Egypt to a wine tasting cruise along the Mediterranean. There were plenty of places we could have booked a cruise, but none were so efficient or with such good deals as

My friends and I planned to go on a long cruise sailing around the islands of Hawaii and along the shore of California. There was a popular cruise and the line became highly recommend it was Holland America Line. We were disappointed and we’ve since had excellent dealings with the company. The Holland America line is known for its spacious ships, excellent service and amenities, and breathtaking vacation stops. We took the gorgeous Circle Hawaii cruise. it was a two week long cruise but the amazing tour stops and the wealth of entertainment aboard the ship made it pass in just a blink.

The veranda had a breathtaking view as we passed the shores of California, and made our first stop of the cruise. Onboard there were pools, training centers, bars, restaurants, an auditorium, and far more. When we landed in San Diego we decided to take the traditional tour. We went along an island beach, and then headed into Old Town. Most of the pictures we took were at Sea World and the San Diego Zoo. The scope of San Diego was truly fascinating, and a refreshing first stop.

The trip began and ended with the excellent service we found aboard the line. The service was swift and they responded to all our requests immediately. We were able to take advantage of the ship’s full range of events and recreations, due to their helpful advice. Our rooms were elegant and spacious, with plenty of appliances and a panoramic view of the ocean. They were always kept clean, and the staff was outgoing in their wish to accommodate us. This suite was abundantly spacious and beautifully proportioned so that it felt like a part of a large house rather than a single cabin aboard ship.

The best service came in the five-star dining restaurant. On the first night we tried a seafood platter and thereafter have a hard time ordering anything else. The ship was full and we were on the ocean for weeks, but the food was not only abundant it was top notch and above average. We had a delightful moment when, while eating steak, the waiter through the curtains and we got to eat alongside a leaping herd of dolphins. As we enjoy the ship, we sailed with a more mature crowd. There were bands playing every night, and an all-night bar.

After four days at sea, we reached our first destination: the abundant Big Island with tropical plantations and botanical gardens. Fortunately, we’d done our research in advance and we were able to fit quite a few events that we wanted to, within the schedule. We had fun touring the plantations. We spent the afternoon in a flower arranging lesson. But the real highlight was the hike towards the volcano. Along the way, we saw much of the Hawaiian culture, and could appreciate the almost surreal divide between the islands and the rest of the nation.
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A previous vacation to Hawaii let us visit Honolulu and Maui, two of the most popular islands. However, our second visit to Honolulu was just as new. We went along the lesser known hike. We ate at a cabana where the chef gave us a small history lesson about Hawaiian cuisine and the traditions behind it. There was a museum to tour, with tribal artifacts. Some of our excursions were more offbeat, and seemed more authentic than the last trip we made to Hawaii.

The website helped us map out a schedule, which came down to a few minutes in our favorite island, Nawiliwili, Kauai. There were oceans of green jungles, and plunging cliffs. The best way to see it was in a bird’s eye view, and that’s what we did as we boarded a helicopter and circled around the island. We also went to ground level, to take the Kipu Falls Zipline Trek. It wasn’t just new scenery, it was a new way to experience it. Our trip to Nawiliwili was one of the greatest experiences of my life.

Our last stop in the Hawaiian islands was Lahaina, Hawaii. We went to the shore and from telescopes we were able to see the sprays of water from the humpback whales. There was other wildlife to be seen, and some of the most amazing nature walks in which the guide pointed out the surroundings and told of the history of the island. It had scenery far different from jungles and plantations. There was the shore excursion to Haleakala Crater & Iao Valley.

We had the time of our life on the cruise. Moreover, the registration and check-in process went more smoothly than any plane ride we ever reserved. was the guide, advisor, booker, deal finder and upgrader rolled into a couple hours. Our next cruise—and any cruise, considering the scope of the site—will be helped with the site.

Overall I would highly recommend

For your cruise vacation needs.


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