Cusco – On Route and arrival – Peru Adventures

Cusco – On Route and arrival – Peru Adventures May 7th, 2009

To we left Puno, Peru, we are now off to Cusco, Peru.
Have a morning breakfast and then pack bags and we are off on a van to the bus depot in Puno to catch our bus to get to Cusco.

Cusco - On Route and arrival - Peru AdventuresThe bus we board, we are sharing with another travel group from Gap Adventures.

As we are going down the road the bus driver is a bit of a wild driver. About 30 minutes into the drive all of a sudden we find ourselves on the far left shoulder of the road.

What happened was our bus driver sideswiped a small volkswagen car. There is lots of blue paint on the side of the bus and we stop.

We are delayed about an hour waiting for the police and having them dispute over the issue. Finally, another driver arrives and we are on our way to Cusco, finally, hopefully the other driver can learn from this mistake.

We drive to Cusco and pass through a few other towns on route, and the scenery on route is very mountainous.

The Cuzco region is the heart and soul of Peru. The city itself is the continents oldest inhabited city and was home of the Incas for 2 centuries before the Spanish built their first capital here. Cuzco is a combination of both cultures and Inca built walls line the central streets and many of the elegant colonial buildings are built on or around Incan foundations.

On arrival into the city, we check into our hostel and put our bags away. We are then met by Andres for a safety brief and a small walking city tour.
We walk to the main square, local market areas , the main tourist areas and make our way to a Coca Shop.
Where we are able to sample more coca tea and try some coca leaf chocolates. A very interesting experience and the chocolates are very good and addicting.

We make it back to the hotel and have a brief rest before heading out for dinner in the evening.

In evening we make it to this charity based restaurant that all part of the costs go towards helping disadvantage people in the country.
One of the best meals I have here, i think pasta and some Argentine wine tonight. Name of restaurant is Yanapay. I highly recommend this spot for anyone who is going to Cuzco.

After dinner we head back to hotel and await the next day for adventures.

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