Day 1-2 (b) Arrival Copenhagen, Denmark

Day 1-2 (b) Arrival Copenhagen, Denmark Copenhagen Travel,May 5th, 2006

Finally Arriving in to Copenhagen, I check into my hostal. Meet up with that Shelton guy from Canada.

Get cleaned up and then we are off to the group meeting elsewhere in the yard.

Our tour leader is named Peter and he is from Toronto, Ontario, Canada. He goes over the overview of the trip and the rules. Then we fill out the contact forms and give our insurance and passport information.Day 1-2 (b) Arrival Copenhagen, Denmark

This group is a big group from many places, Canada, USA, Australia and New Zealand. and the UK.
There many people in the group as I can’t name all of them now, I will give some names as I go along in this blog as its been 3 years already. Stay tuned.

We for dinner in canteen building, which is a huge variety of cold cuts and bread, a great feast!!

Then for evening its more about hanging in hostal area, as we are far from the city.

We go for a walk and run to beer store to by some beer.

We just spend the evening drinking beer outside then inside the hostal in a big room. This is where we are introduced to the Colonel. This one guy on the trip is from USA state of Kentucky. He tells us he is a champion drinker and about a story of how he lost his virginity the year before to 2 prostitutes in Amsterdam, Holland, by himself.

Day 1-2 (b) Arrival Copenhagen, Denmark

He insists on proving he is a great drinker, so he drinks about a quarter of a can of beer, Carlsberg, and he is totally drunk by that time. At this time, the group of guys from New Zealand decide to give him the name of the Colonel, hence he is from Kentucky state and referring to the Colonel from Kentucky Fried Chicken.

The colonel now is so drunk that he is yelling out he is the colonel and is from Kentucky and walking up the hallway, I think he is going to feel bad in the morning.

Anyhow being a long day already, At this point i been up for over 24 hours. I feel its best to go to bed and start day out early tomorrow as we are going to go to town and check it out.

stay tuned……….

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