Day 1 Flight to Barcelona and 1st Evening

Day 1 Flight to Barcelona and 1st Evening May 5th, 2007

Day 1 Flight to Barcelona and 1st Evening Well today I am off for another European Adventure. My first stop is going to be Barcelona, Spain and joining up with tour group Contiki to tour parts of Spain, its gonna be a great time.

I get to Thunder Bay Airport and check in for my flights. I am flying with a different airline today. First Air Canada Jazz from Thunder Bay to Toronto. Then my duration from Toronto to Barcelona, Spain I will be flying with airline Alitalia, which will prove to be the worst airline I have flown with to date.

Day 1 Flight to Barcelona and 1st EveningMy plane takes off and it’s a good flight from here to Toronto, have trail mix and Coca-Cola as my in-flight snack, quite a feast.Finally landing safely in Toronto, I have a couple of hours lay over here.
For to pass the time I go for lunch in the food court area and have an overpriced ham sandwich and a beer, all well its vacation time.
I make my way to the departure lounge for my Alitalia flight for going overseas.
Finally get to board my plane and I get a nice window seat and its comfortable, first time with this airline.
The dinner I have a choice of chicken or fish, I choose chicken. The chicken seemed to be quite eatable, but for sure no type of gourmet dinner by any means.
The in-flight movie available was some Italian language movie with Spanish sub-titles, so it was bit of a challenge to watch, I just watched the pictures. Then tried to get some sleep in my comfy airplane seat

Wake up a few hours later in the morning for about an hour before landing. I have to lay over in Milan, Italy first then take an internal flight to Spain. I look out my window at this time and I see the morning sun rising over the Italian Alps. It is an amazing sight, one that I would cherish with my own eyes for a long time.
Breakfast is served on the plane and its like some oatmeal bar and box of raisons with some type of coffee alternative. We land in Milan and depart the plane, its bit of a journey through the airport, the Milan airport is an ugly green color. I check through immigration easily, the border guard was some 20 year old who was wearing dark sunglasses and had his Ipod on, and he was dancing around in his little cubicle, all well so much for border security.

I go to the departure lounge and wait for my final flight. It is quite disorganized during this time, as the gate I was supposed to be at changed about four times. So I had to walk around a few times of the airport.

I finally get onto my next flight which is about an hour late for no apparent reason. On board the plane, the captain explains that the ground crew were about 45 minutes late in coming to work due to a some on going labour dispute. I found out later that Alitalia always goes on strike every other week in Italy, a normal way of life for them.
Anyways the flight itself is fine on way to Barcelona. Seeing the city as we were approaching was amazing, it was so big and on the coast which was really nice.
We land quite smoothly and eventually get off in Barcelona airport. There is a huge crowd around the luggage area, many other flights waiting for their bags too. I wait over an hour and so far my bag never comes. The ramp stops moving and I am the only one left standing there. Ends up being my bags never made it to Barcelona, Thank you Alitalia.
I file a claim at the lost luggage area and I am now without any bags or fresh clothes, all well.
I go outside of terminal and take my taxi to my first hotel, might as well start my trip. I stay at a Novotel hotel chain. I go to check in at the hotel and I run into another problem. For some reason, my reservation was cancelled. They tell me they contacted me and I told them to cancel it, which wasn’t true. The staff at front desk of course don’t speak English so I wait for someone who did.

Eventually there was a room available, and I get it. Get to shower and clean up at least, and get ready for the evenings adventures. I am going to meet up with a 4 people who are also on my contiki tour who came early as well and walk about.

I leave the hotel and take a taxi to the Las Ramblas area of Spain and make it in front of a hotel where the other crew are waiting. I meet up with a girl named Stacey who is from the USA, Cameron who is also from USA and Brad Duff (Duff man) from Australia).
Start of good times, so we head out and venture to this center square and have a few beer at this one pub nearby and talk about the adventures to come.
We then head out for dinner later in the evening in the center area of where there is lots entertainment of Los Ramblas area. Dinner we have a famous Spanish drink and I have some type of rice/chicken/shrimp mixture, its quite good.

Then afterwards we head off to some pub for a few drinks. For being a weekend it seems very quiet its 10pm at this time. We come to realize the this is Spain and everything starts really late here. So have a few drinks to pass the time. We then ask about any good nightclubs nearby. We are told to go to this one good one. I think it was called the Razz Madaz. We are first in line for the 1am opening. Finally the doors open and we enter. Its an amazing night club, many floors and great music. We drink up a few red bulls and vodka, and its good mixture. Then the funny incident happened. I think I drank too much that evening, as I went to the toilet and then came out and got confused. I thought I saw one of my friends go outside the club, so I followed and It wasn’t them. Then I found myself wandering down some street about 2 hours later almost being sick on the street. I am lost of 2 hours of my life, missing time. I find myself talking all gibbers to a bunch of locals when I finally came to. I check my watch and it was now 430am for some reason. I spend over an hour trying to wave a taxi to get back to my hotel. Finally get a taxi and make it to the hotel and too bed right away.

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