Day 1 – of Chicago, Illinois, United States

Day 1 – of Chicago, Illinois, United States

Chicago Adventure July 2009

This is start of my blog of my trip to Chicago, USA from July 24 to 29th of 2009.1294122_12491557707756_bigthumb
It was a good adventure of sightseeing and baseball games, as well some festivals.

The start of adventure.

Get up this morning as I have an early morning flight to start my journey to Chicago. I am flying a new airline today. Porter Airlines, a new airline that

offers different type of service and a new flying experience. So it shall be quite exciting. I get to the Thunder Bay Airport and check in with the counter at Porter, a younger staff working and they are very friendly and I get a warm welcome to flying their new airline.

1294122_12491554698698_bigthumbI board the plane; the plane is a Dash type of twin prop plane, holds around 70 people and its really sleek airplane.
I noticed the flight attendants wear traditional uniforms with the old style round hats from years past. The lift off is amazing; you can feel the plane push you back into your seat, as it takes

off, quite amazing. The flight from Thunder Bay to Toronto is very smooth. On board I am offer a glass of orange juice and a sandwich, it is good. We later on land in Toronto at the Toronto City airport on the island. Much smaller but way better then landing at Pearson Airport. It is a smooth

landing and you can see the Rogers Centre and downtown Toronto from here.1294122_12491554785536_bigthumb
I get off the plane and wander through the small airport; I recheck in with Security then make it to the airport lounge. Porter has their own lounge here and all passengers get free juice, coffee, soda, water etc as part of the deal with flying. As well there is free WIFI and Internet in the lounge.
I have about 3 hours to spend here, so I do it by reading up on my internet using my mini laptop, a good way to spend 3 hours.

Finally it is time to board the plane to finally get to Chicago, everyone is excited. Get on the plane and it’s a good plane. The flight attendants here are smoking hot looking and provided amazing service. I wish I were able to offer a good tip to them.

It is an hour flight from Toronto to Chicago; we land at the Chicago Midway airport, which is smaller and easier, then the O’Hare airport in this city.
I get off the plane and make a quick washroom stop before proceeding to immigration. I walk through immigration without any problems at all and get

1294122_12491554785536_bigthumba welcome greeting from the Guard. I leave airport and board the Chicago Subway system or EL train as they call it. I board the train with many other tourists as well and make it to the city.
I have to figure out how to get to my spot, what I had to do was stay on the orange line then at State and Lake station I had to transfer to the Red line, then get off at Grand station.

I successfully do that and I end up outside of Grand station. Now all I had to do was walk an easy 4 blocks to my hotel, Inn of Chicago. On walking to my hotel, I see the first view of the main street of Michigan Ave, very neat.
I check into my hotel quite easily and then make it up to my room on the 17th floor; the elevator is quite fast and efficient. The room I get is simple but

nice and clean; I can see the NBC studios from there, looks like a good start to an adventure. I have an hour nap as I work up at 430am this morning and after my nap, am ready to take on the world.1294122_12491554751849_bigthumb

So now I have to decide how to start my actual adventure.
Well, I make it out and decide to walk down Michigan Avenue and just check out all the buildings here. I walk out and the sidewalks are full of thousands of people. Quite a good place. I make it a past the Apple Shop and look at the logo.

I for some reason am chosen to take photos for other people wanting to pose in front of the logo for Apple, quite funny.
Walking down the street there are many high-end stores here from Macy’s to Tiffany’s to Louis Vuitton. As well high-end hotels and fancy office buildings. I also see good buildings such as the Water tower. I end up at the Hancock building and going to go here for the amazing view of the city.

I heard it is better then going up the Sears Tower, so I will try this place. I stand in line and get my ticket around 15 bucks I think it was. I get on the elevator and its up 96 floors in about 10 seconds, the fastest elevator I think in the USA or something.
The view from up top is quite amazing; you can see way out to Lake Michigan and the entire city. I can see Wrigley field from there as well over to the Sears tower. I can see the Navy Pier and many other key sights in city of Chicago.

1294122_12491573969677_bigthumbAfter some time up here, I make my way down back to the ground and off to see more of the city. I walk past Bloomingdale’s and make a decision of where to go next. I am off to the Lakeside area near the lake. I make it to the Oak Street beach and I am amazed at how good the beach areas are

here, even have palm trees, fake ones but good. There are so many people on the beach and lots of teeny tiny little bikinis I can see everywhere, quite amazing place. There is a huge recreation trail for bikes and roller blades here the stretches for over 35 miles I believe. I make my way down south on the path and walk past all the people out doing recreation stuff.
The view of the city here is quite amazing. I make it to a few parks and walk around. I then make it to the Navy Pier and check out this huge tourist area. This area is full of shops and restaurants, its is a big place where everyone goes when you visit this city. There is an Elvis impersonator here as

well at the beer gardens. It is quite the place with many tourist operator boats here as well. I stop by for a pizza in the food area, it was supposed to be like a Chicago type of pizza, it was good regardless. I continue to walk around the area I make it to the Boat club area, which is full of many million dollar boats. I go to the Chicago River area where all the restaurants and tours go from, very nice. I make it do Millennium Park and see all the statues. I go to the area of the summer outdoor concerts are going on and it’s a huge field with a massive stage. 1294122_12491580691980_bigthumb

There is a type of orchestra playing here and quality is top notch. I then make it to the famous Chicago Bean which is a huge mirror shaped in a bean, Very big and just fun to go up to and see your reflection in it. I make it to this fountain area that has a video image of someone’s face at each end. Then the mouth on the face opens and a fountain of water comes out, quite neat, as many children are playing in the water area here.
I continue on my journey in the city and make it to the famous fountain, if you have ever seen the TV Show “Married with Children” the fountain at

start credits is here, check out my photos. It is a quite a neat looking fountain and worth taking a million photos here.
I make it back down Michigan Ave to my hotel and go past the famous statues of the old farmer couple, quite interesting.

An old guy claiming to be an old Vietnam Vet and needs food, seem strange guy so I kept walking then solicits me for some change.
I make it to the hotel in good time as then it starting to pour rain and thunder and lightning all night. I go to bed early tonight, as I could not keep my eyes open, Its 10pm now and I have been up 15 hours, now, so off to bed and start a early adventure tomorrow. Stay tuned.

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