Day 1 of East Coast of Canada Adventure 2004

Day 1 of East Coast of Canada Adventure 2004 Journey Day 1 of East Coast of Canada Adventure 2004Around The East Coast

My Adventure to Explore the East Coast of Canada.

Going to 3 Provinces – Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island, and Newfoundland.

Feel free to follow along on my journey around the East Coast

Day 1 – Off to the Thunder Bay Airport today, going to fly to Halifax, Nova Scotia.

I am going to fly with Airline WestJet and use that as my main airline of choice.

I get on the plane and fly to Hamilton where I have a 2 hour layover before boarding my flight again to get to Halifax. The flight from Hamilton, Ontario is good flight, served nuts and Coca- Cola on board the flight.

Ship – Acadia – On Waterfront

I see the view of Quebec and the New Brunswick from the air on route. Service was very good on board the flight, with the usual staff doing the WestJet humour that this airline is famous for.
Finally after a few hours I land at the Halifax International Airport. Airport is about an hour or so outside of city of Halifax. I get off the plane and proceed to get my luggage from the lounge. I then head out to the arrivals area and am met by a pen pal Heather who lives in Halifax. She says She will show me how to get to the city from here.I go to the AVIS rent a car counter and process my payment of the reservation of the car. I have three choices of a car, one is a PT Cruiser, Second, a Chevy Metro or Pontiac Grand Am.

HMCS Sackvillesackville1

I choose the Grand AM, which was a nice red car and a nice V6 engine. I make it to my rental car and then find Heather who is also in the parking lot. I then follow her and her friend to the city of Halifax. It was very good they show me the way there as it was a difficult to get to city. I am staying in the area of Bedford which is another area of the city of Halifax. I find my hotel which is on the main road, it is the Bayview Motor Inn. I am given the contact # for Heather so I in case need some advice while in the city. I go to check in at this hotel. The front lobby was quite basic, the girl at the front desk was a bit not too nice. She was complaining bout living in Nova Scotia and wished she lived in Ontario. Too funny, someone would say that as people in Ontario are wishing to get out as well.

Halifax water front
I get my key to my room and then drive all around back to get to my room. I am able to park my car next to my door of my room. Room seems very hot and stuff. I can not find the ON button to the AC, all well time for adventure. I get into the car and make my drive into main downtown Halifax. This city has a bad public transit system, and hotels in downtown were quite expensive. I make a long drive into downtown and it’s a nice area. Lots of hills and interesting buildings everywhere. I try to find a place to park and drive around towards the Nova Scotia Casino. There is a big Parkade here, so I have no clue where to park so I park at the Parkade. Once parked there, I find out it is time clocked, so I have to go get a tag from a machine inside.

Halifax harbourShannonChesapeakeUpHalifaxHarbourCOLOR01

Anyhow, from here I walk along the water front of Halifax harbour.

Going to see all the neat ships and the HMCS Smallville is here as well, Canada’s Finest. There is also the Thomas Tugboat here as well, quite neat. I then make it to the casino area and go inside to check it out. I notice its lots of restaurants here. Since I work in a Casino, I find this place quite boring. I am checked for my ID at the door by security guy and its kind of funny as I do the same thing. In the Casino there is an eatery called TGIFridays. I go there and sit inside the booth. I am served quite well and have good meal. I have a chicken Teriyaki with Coors Light. It was one of the best Chicken Teriyaki I have ever had before. I leave a good tip for the server here, even thought I was served by a guy.
I then leave here and make it back to my car. But first trying to figure out how to pay for parking.

So I take my parking stub and go to the Winner Circle of the casino. The Marketing Rep thinks I am crazy and tells me to take off, good service. So I decided I will just drive out of the parkade. I get into the car and try to leave. However the arm won’t go up, but there is an intercom. I call the parking guy on the intercom, and tell him I paid, even though I didn’t, and let me out. He believes me and I leave the area and head back to the hotel for awhile. I go and plan out what to do for tonight.
Tonight I drive back to the downtown area and figure out where to park. I go park down the waterfront and pay 5 bucks to stay there. I then go walk around the downtown area, looking for some bars to go to. I head to this one night Club called the Dome. It was a nice nightclub and played good music, had a few drinks here and listened to techno music. I then left the night club and went to a pub called Cheers. From the TV Show, I have a few more drinks here and just enjoy the evening. I then go walk around the bar area, covers many streets and is very lively. It seems to be a really good place to check out, as not many people know how good East Coast of Canada is.

After a few hours of walking around, I decide it is time to call it a night. I make it back to my car, sober, and then just drive back to the hotel.

Stay tuned for next day.

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