Day 1 of Texas Adventure To Dallas Texas

Day 1 of Texas Adventure To Dallas Texas Friday October 16th 2009

Texas Adventure 2009 – Dallas, San Antonio NHL and NBA Games

Start of my Adventure to Texas, USA.Day 1 of Texas Adventure To Dallas Texas

Get up early this morning around 5am to get a good breakfast and get ready for my early morning flight to get to Dallas, Texas.

Have good bowl of oatmeal and orange juice this morning. I get my ride and take my bags with me to the Thunder Bay International Airport.

First things first is to check in with Delta, Mesaba for my first leg of my journey. I have to fly from Thunder Bay to Minneapolis, MN to get a connection there to get to Dallas.

I get into the long line to go through security, during this time I fill out my USA Immigration form in black ink.
As I am about to go through the check point I see my fellow co worker Jennifer arrive at back of the line. She is going to be on the same flight as me from Thunder Bay to MN. She is going to visit a friend in Charlotte, North Carolina.
Day 1 of Texas Adventure To Dallas TexasOnce in security check of departure lounge, I meet up with Jennifer. I noticed she has filled out her form a bit wrong as she wrote it in Red ink and didn’t fill out the address section. But she is smart girl, she knows what she is doing. Anyways, finally boarding the plane of Mesaba/Delta it’s a full plane and I am at the very far back of the plane. We take off and head off for the short flight to Minneapolis. During this time I have a short sleep to pass the time, the whole journey.

We land in Minneapolis at good time, then we board the buses to get to the terminal for immigration check.
Before getting into line, I had to go use the bathroom really fast as I had to pee from drinking too much water on the plane. The wait in line is very long as there is only one border Agent of Homeland Security working and taking his time. I noticed my co-worker Jennifer is back of the line. Hopefully the Agents do not mind her red ink filled Form. I pass through the check point easy and grab my bag and continue on to security again. I will wait for Jennifer on other side of Security. As she has to recheck in again.Day 1 of Texas Adventure To Dallas Texas
In the secure portion of the terminal, I get a text message from Jennifer that she is tied up with security and will be a while. We were supposed to meet for lunch in the terminal.

After waiting a full hour, she finally gets into the departure area.
She tells me that agents didn’t like the red ink and she was hauled into interrogation room. She was processed, finger printed and photographed. Over cause she wrote in red ink on her form.
Anyways we go for some pizza and juice in the food court to pass some time.

Afterwards It was time for me to board my flight to get to Dallas, Texas. Jen heads off to her flight and its time to get to Dallas. The plane to Dallas is full and I get my usual window seat. I spend the flight sleeping to Dallas to pass the time. Finally arriving into Dallas, Looks like a nice area, very sunny today and looks warm out. I can not wait for this excitement. I get off the plane and get my bags.

Day 1 of Texas Adventure To Dallas TexasI then go proceed to get the shuttle bus to get to the Hertz Rental Counter. I am a little excited as it will be my first time driving in Texas.
I get the keys to the car I am assigned to and end up with a Chevy HHR. Looks like a PT cruiser almost. But it’s a vehicle and transportation. I set the GPS to get to my hotel. Comfort Inn. I head out of the terminal and drive down the Interstate. It was a good drive, thanks to the GPS system a marvel of technology. I arrive at my hotel at good time. I check in quickly at the hotel and make my way to my room. I am only at this hotel one night as the rooms at the other hotel were too $$$ for a Friday night.
So after a short rest in the room, I make my plans for the evening. I have hockey game to see tonight. I have to decide to take a taxi or drive to downtown. I figure to be adventurous and drive to downtown. It is a good drive to downtown in the afternoon rush hour.
I find the American Airline Center where tonight’s game is going to be at. I go into downtown and try to figure out where to park. I find a spot 3 blocks from the AAC and pay about 10 bucks to park. But it is a safe spot. I have about some time before going to the Game. I want to go about and walk around downtown and check out the area. I go walk to the building of the 6th floor museum. Go to the Kennedy Memorial. Go to the Dealy Plaza and just randomly walk around the area. Finally I make my way to the American Airlines Center. It is one of the best Arenas I have ever seen. Very nice. I go inside and walk around for a while to check out the area. I go to the concession and get a pizza and Bud Light from Patron Pizza. I go to the seats for the game and I am located on the bottom corner just a little ways from the rink.Day 1 of Texas Adventure To Dallas Texas
nice building
I can see everything. The game starts, well more so of the introducing of the teams. The arena is 95% full and people are excited. Dallas Stars are playing against Boston Bruins tonight, so going to be exciting. During the Anthem at this time, there are 2 times where the word “Stars” is said, at this time the crowd yells out STARS as for the team.
It is a good exciting game. However It would be boring to say about the entire game. This is the first time I see a hockey team with Cheerleaders. The Stars Cheerleaders are very nice looking and amazing at what they do. Also included are the Stars Ice Girls who are also quite amazing to see, great eye candy.

The results of the game were Boston 3 and Dallas 0. But all well it was nice to see NHL game.

I go out and check out the Tailgate parties going on in the Historical centre on the city tonight.

Room at Comfort Inn
As a major college football games is happening on Saturday between Texas State and Oklahoma. So quite exciting.
Afterwards I go back to the parking lot, get my car and then make my way back to my hotel. It is an easy drive back up the Freeway to the Comfort Inn.

It has been a long day, as I was up early today for my flights. So I am off to bed now.

Stay tuned for day 2 of my Dallas, Texas Adventure.

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