Day 1 Start of Adventure in Southern USA

Day 1 Start of Adventure in Southern USADay 1 Start of Adventure in Southern USA

Blog of trip to Charleston South Carolina September 30 to October 2010

Check Out CMB Fast – Atlanta Airport

Location Atlanta, Georgia and Charleston, SC September 30 2010

Start of a good day and my adventure to Charleston South Carolina, with the first stop being Atlanta, Georgia as I fly there as it is cheaper then to fly direct to Charleston. I will arrive into Atlanta and stay over night then rent a car to drive to Charleston, start of a great adventure. I will take you all along on this exciting adventure. So put our feet back and enjoy the ride.
Day 1

Get home from work this morning after working midnight shift.
Then get ready and have a short nap before making it to the Thunder Bay Airport to catch my flight to get to Toronto and then onto Atlanta, Georgia.

A little tired this morning but all is good and making my way alive and well. After checking in at Air Canada I grab a coffee to which I finish and then make my way through security. While waiting for the plane I spend some time using my iPod and play some games. Finally it is time to board the plane of Air Canada, Actually Air Canada Jazz and fly to toronto. I have a window seat. Flight is good and I have a good hour nap on the way to Toronto in which I miss the drinks cart so no orange juice for me. Finally land in Toronto Airport and go through all the hassles of customs and security again. I have time before my next flight so I go to Pizza Pizza and have some pizza and a Coke as my lunch, lunch of champions in which I catch up on news on my iPod.

Check Out CMB Fast – Atlanta Airport

Then finally board Air Canada Jazz and flight to Atlanta. I have a window seat again on this flight however It was announced that there was no drink service provided on plane due to it being too dangerous to do so. All well whatever.

Day 1 Start of Adventure in Southern USASo Finally around early evening we land into Atlanta, Georgia at the Harts-field Jackson airport one of the biggest ones in the world and headquarters of Delta Airways. I get off the plane and feel like walking to the baggage area. Well there is a train service to get to the bags but at this point, been sitting all day so I walk. It takes over 30 minutes to walk to baggage area as the airport is so big, but my bag is waiting there already. I grab my bag and take the monorail to the rental car area. I go to Enterprise rental Car place and get my car order of a compact.

The car I get is just a Chevy Colt which is black and will be good on gas. So it is all good, after the orientation I leave the airport and make it towards the hotel, however I do not have GPS on yet hoping I can make it properly. Well I did not realize how tired I was and take a wrong turn up the Interstate going somewhere weird any how I exit and into some really bad area but tune my GPS to get to hotel. So finally I am able to drive to the hotel of Sleep Inn off Sullivan Street, check out my reviews on it. Anyways I check in and make it to my room. I should eat something so I just buy some junk food from the vending machine as dinner tonight and Coke as I want to get up early in the morning and drive to Charleston, going to be good adventure. I watch some Discovery channel here of Myth-busters and they are doing the episode about gadgets made by MacGyver quite neat. But always knew MacGyver was a fake. So this is start of day one.

Check Out CMB Fast – Atlanta Airport

Stay tuned for day 2!

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