Day 10 and 11 of East Coast Adventure

Day 10 and 11 of East Coast Adventure June 20th, 2004 Breakfast In Rotten Ronny

Day 10 and 11 of East Coast Adventure get up this morning for another adventure. I make it to Rotten Ronny’s for a morning breakfast. And have a egg mcmuffin.

Stan Cook Sea Kayaking Adventures

Later today I drive back to Cape Broyle. I am going to go sea kayaking today on the bay that is located here. The name of the outfitter is Stan Cook Sea Kayaking Adventures

Day 10 and 11 of East Coast AdventureIt is a really good place, family run place. Where you are greeted by Stan’s wife and then the rest of family sets you up with the gear and practice for the kayak. This is my first time kayaking and will be quite exciting.

A Glimpse Around The Bay

Here on the group paddle we paddle around the bay with a guide. We are shown many lobster traps. As well there are many tunnels in the cliff side to see and there are many sightings of whales of humpback whales to see.

The whales were quite amazing to see. I would have photos of them, however I was using a disposable camera at the time and I dropped my camera into the ocean by mistake. So I missed out on the Kodak moments.

On completion of the paddle we get back to shore then go into the hut for good hot chocolate. It is good drink and are well greeted by the hosts. This is one place I recommend you all to go and check out when in NFLD.

Setting Back To Town

I make the quiet drive back to St. John’s and just tonight is simple night as in wind down of a trip. Have some burgers at A and W tonight.

Then just go to bed for a good night sleep. That is end of my trip.

The next morning get up and return my rental car to the airport. I then board my flight with WestJet to get to back home. On route home I have layover in Toronto. From here I reflect on my time on the east coast. I figure out the next year I will be doing an overseas trip. Quite possibly to Europe.

Check out my blogs on Europe as I did them right after this trip.

By the way, my flight back to Thunder Bay, was quite smooth and good. No problems.

This has been to east coast adventure. I hope you enjoy it and you go to East Coast of Canada one day.

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