Day 10 of Australia Adventure

Day 10 of Australia Adventure -Alice Springs , Australia – April 26th 2010

Day 10 of Australia AdventureGet up this morning and we are off again on another adventure of the Northern Territory. Head down for a hot breakfast this morning of a buffet of bacon,eggs and toast etc, quite good. Then onto the Contiki bus in which the great morning theme song is played. Tour Manager Jon does his daily commentary as well the Dear Crew Segments with driver Dean. Day 10 of Australia Adventure -Alice Springs , Australia some questions were abit weird of asking them what color do they like their shoes? Several people are still hungover from last nights adventure at the pub, many great stories people will have.Anyways, our first stop is to this amazing place called the Devil’s Marbles Reserve Park. Of all these big stones that are shaped into very circular figures.

Devil’s Marbles

A great area, as some you can actually walk between 2 and up to the top. Check out the photos include for the best descriptions of everything. Many rocks are piled on top of each other like someone actually did it unpurpose. Afterwards we have a morning tea, prepared by Tour Manager Jon and driver Dean with Kettle invited as well. There is a selection of Juice, cookies and crackers, and other stuff, a good filler for a small breakfast this morning. During this time as we are drinking our juice, German Christopf is making himself photos with his tea and cookies, trying to pose with his crackers, insane guy!

Wycliffe Station Aliens

Afterwards, we are off onto the next great adventure of the morning. Our next stop is to a place called Wycliffe station. Here are all types of silly materials of alien things, I assume many UFO sightings are known to be in the past here. Take a few photos of the silly signs and cutouts of aliens here. I think this is a perfect spot to leave Christoph behind as he would blend in with the aliens no problem.

From here we head off again on to the next stop a few hours from now. We later stop for lunch at the Ti Tree Roadhouse in the middle of no where. Again, the choice of food inside is quite expensive with the cheapest item being a cheese sandwich that is around over 10 dollars. Once again resort to eating what I have left in my grocery bag, a few crackers and cheese today. Take a few photos outside, including seeing Crazy German guy take photos of himself buying an expensive bottle of Coke from the store.

Day 10 of Australia AdventureLater on, we get onto the bus again and make our final journey into the town to Alice Springs. On arrival it looks like a very nice town, with lots of rocky hills surrounding all around it. We check into a very nice hotel, with a nice pool and the room is very nice. I share the rooms tonight with Brian and crazy Brazilian guy Ariel. As soon we get into the room , Ariel opens up his cans of tuna and eats them in which the room now smells of tuna. Therefore, a rule was now in place that all canned Tuna eating is banned from the room, Ariel agreed. Anyways we leave the room and make our way by the Contiki bus to the Alice Springs Desert Park. It is an animal sanctuary of all types of reptiles and birds. First attraction we all go to is the Bird show. It is really neat as the birds are all trained and fly over the crowd on the trainers command. Many types of birds are showcased here as I have many photos of them all. As well there is a big house of reptiles and more Roos. A great place to which I wished I had more time to explore.

Evening out in Alice Springs

Off back to the hotel for an evening of relaxation, before dinner.But first a few of us went into town for a bit to find the Liquer store to buy some beer for tomorrow night cam-pout in the Outback. Go and check out the mall and buy a few beers for the camping experience. Dinner tonight was really good, it was an all you can eat buffet with lots of meat. I had 2 servings of everything and it was quite amazing. Then back to the rooms for a few beers before we all head out to some bar tonight. We walk downtown to the bar area to a bar called Bo Jingles. It resembles an old cowboy saloon, has even the swinging wooden doors on entrance. They have webcams set up inside that you can watch the inside of the bar from the internet.

The bathroom here was kind of neat, with the door handles on the opposite side of the door. As well the taps for the sinks were on the opposite side of the room to operate the water. Anyways, its a good night out ,as the music kept playing the whole time and people had fun.
Onward to the next day, thanks all.

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