Day 10 Paraguay onward to Uruguay

Day 10 Paraguay onward to Uruguay

on route to Salto, Uruguay and stop in Paraguay

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Get up this morning for another adventure. We are going for a short shopping trip across the bridge into the country of Paraguay, the poorest country in South America to the place of Ciudad de Este.parag1 Day 10 Paraguay onward to Uruguay

We drive across the border without being stopped. Apparently Canadians need a visa to enter this country, but Paraguay does not care. The border crossing we go across the Freedom Bridge and there are tonnes of people from Paraguay lined up trying to get into Brazil, a crazy sight. We make it to this large market area and park our van in this very secure garage with armed security guards outside.

We then enter this huge shopping mall with armed guards at the door. It is a weird place has over 100 stores but most of the are about 80% are electronics store. It is good place to go and haggle for prices, you could have walked out of there for a big screen TV for under 500 us dollars. This area is really a large black market with most goods being shipped in from USA and Canada.

parg2 Day 10 Paraguay onward to UruguayWe then go outside and walk in the market areas and bombarded by so many poor sales people its is almost unsafe. We go into this shoe store, that has all these armed guards, funny.

As well the store is full of sales girls who are all dressed up and look like supermodels, almost worth it to buy.

Some people make a few buys of cheap shoes here, why not.

From here we head back to Brazil side of the river and it’s a relief to be back in normal civilization. Anyways now we have a few hours time before we head off to Uruguay. We go for lunch nearby and then walk around and spend time on the Internet.

Finally we head off to the bus depot for our night bus to get to Salto, Uruguay.

We cross into the country of Argentina and take a bus in the country to border of Uruguay. The bus is really nice, with fully reclining seats and has an attendant on board. I get the front seat and can look outside. We are fed a small supper on board, a sandwich and soda. There is a movie playing during our journey, but it was Mission Impossible 3, seen it.parg3 Day 10 Paraguay onward to Uruguay

Our journey is quite interesting, as the police stop us randomly over 9 times that night. Random police checks, they came on board briefly with the dogs and were doing random drug searches, I don’t think any thing was really found here.

We continued along with our journey towards Salto. Finally at 5am the bus stops and we awake from a sleep. We get off the bus in the middle of the road, get our bags and get into some taxis waiting for us on the side of the road.

The taxis are old and kind of look like they would not make the journey to Salto.

We go through our border check without a problem, then leaving the guard had to push our taxi as it would not start, too funny.

We make it to Salto, Uruguay, early in morning, very safely. From here we check into hotel and then have a 2-hour nap. As I did not sleep too well on the bus. We go on an adventure today in Salt, that is in my next blog, stay tuned fellow travel buddies.

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