Day 10 , 11 and 12 of Trip and 13

great day in Panama City Beach, more less explore St Andrews park, drive, and get more wine, swim on ocean, and get sun burned

enjoy the ocean from my room, wish i could stay here forever

ok so another great day here in Panama City Beach So simple day, get up and have coffee, na#$ then some grapes, i get some instructiosn and head out for exploring in the mustang, finally doing some hwy driving in the mustang. So keeping it simple explore the area, from Sunside. to Galveston park and up to Fort Walten beach, Fort Walten is amazing , walk on beach for awhile and enjoy.

so drive back to Beachcomber and have some lunch which is a salad, microwave pasta and wine!!

then go swmming in ocean rest of day, only to cut it short, find my feet are being bitten by a fish. So i rush out of the water, little fish i see i think there are eggs in that area, so i was disturbing the nesting area, lol

anywayas rest of evening is tan and doing this blog, and wine, Great times here


So get up this morning and have one last day in Panama City Beach. Been a good 6 days here. Thinking to do make this a regular thing every year. So haout for ve a simple breakfast, coffee eggos, banana and cucumber, not bad, so finally get ready and then head out to walk the beach, head east down beach past to second pier, seems nicer to walk, then hang out for a while, While i was sitting enjoy the moment all these birds were flying towards me. almost like i was in their territory.

very odd so i then walk some more and swim in ocean for bit then head back to hotel, only to realize , I got the worst sunburn ever. All well part of the success of this.

So back at hotel is lunch time have desire for pizza. So order pizza from dominos and they delivery in less the n10 minutes amazing , pizzas is good and have it with crusty bread and coke.

Being last day. i figure i want to do one last ride in the Ford Mustang. So drive for a while. Stop at one park in St Thomas at rick somethingpark and check out the beach. Back on road and do a drive up the HWY 98 for abit at high speed. after driving this car i might consider getting one in future.

So back into town and get some gas for the car. Set my GPS for airport and rest of evening is sitting on balcony, enjoying the sunset, onward to Miami beach tomorrow so stay tuned

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