Day 11 Salto, Uruguay

Day 11 Salto, Uruguay

Today after our early arrival into Salto, I go for a nap while the others head out to look for a bank machine.

The 2-hour I nap was good enough to recharge my batteries.salto1 Day 11 Salto, Uruguay

Afterward rejoin the Gap Group and we get into a taxi and make our way to this water park/spa place.

It is a nice spa place, full of many hot and cold pools.

Have many hot tubs and fancy spa treatments. Most of the group went for the massage treatment, I decided not to. We run into another GAP Adventure group who is doing the same trip just in different direction. A few of them were from Norway and were not too friendly, were snobby, but then again when you run into any rivals, you always better each other.

It is more of a day to relax and take it easy at the centre. From here we go for a walk to the water park area, which is mainly many pools and I accidentally step my foot with my shoe into one of them.

We go for a lunch on a park table and have some beer and some good food. The service was really good to which we tipped the ladies generously.

salto2 Day 11 Salto, UruguayLater on we pack up our things and make it back to the hotel by taxi.

We go out to dinner at some local restaurant that evening. Walking around in downtown Salto, there was some type of mini festival going on. Lots of bands were playing here. With many people all over the place, quite nice for such a small community.

Dinner was really good and I can not remember what I ate, what ever it was, it was good.

We later hang out on the street and watch a local band play some traditional music, it was really cool.

That was our day in Salto, Uruguay, onto Montevideo tomorrow.

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