Day 12 Montevideo, Uruguay

Day 12 Montevideo, Uruguay

Today I get up this morning, as we do not leave the city till late morning I have time to check out the city.  I leave the hotel and walk around Salto, first going to the bank to use the Bank machine to get some local money. I then go walk around Salto; it’s a nice little city, not overall rich and not poor.mont1 Day 12 Montevideo, Uruguay

dinner at Irish

People drive motor scooters and mid ranged cars here. There is a nice centre square of where the main political buildings are and I check out the city hall as well, quite nice.

The city has a nice quite feel to it and it’s quite a layed back type of community.

I then rejoin the group for a small breakfast at diner; I have an espresso and some toast, which was ok actually.

I then go to the local grocery store to get some bananas and some snacks for the long journey to get to city of Montevideo.

mont2 Day 12 Montevideo, UruguayWe later that day board the public bus at the station and make our journey to Montevideo. It’s an 8-hour bus right to get to the city, good scenes on route to the city, overall quite uneventful though.

We arrive to at the bus station in the city and have to wait awhile as the taxi was not booked yet.

We get into the taxi and make our way to the hotel, just then the driver tells us he does not know where hotel is. Luckily I had the hotel address with me and save the day.mont4 Day 12 Montevideo, Uruguay

We get to the hotel and it’s in a good area. We get to our room and warm up with some beers from the room fridge. Then rejoin the group downstairs to head out to an Irish pub for dinner tonight. The walk to the pub is quite nice; the first impression of this city is its quite neat and cool looking.

We get seated at the pub and it’s a good impression, going to be a big night. I have a pizza here and its huge and good. We have a dessert of apple pie and it’s amazing as well. Washing it all down with some local beer to which it was good evening.

We go inside fo

mont6 Day 12 Montevideo, Uruguayr a while to have some more drinks and listen to the music. The band is some guy doing an imitation of U2 to which he sings all of their songs right to key. It is overall quite entertaining. Most of the group does have too many tonig

ht as its fun night out. Many are getting quite silly and funny. I leave the group early as I am going to get up early tomorrow to see the city more. The rest stay behind and head out a nightclub.

I take a taxi back to hotel even though it was just a 7-minute walk down the way, but best to be safe then sorry.

That was my adventure for today; stay tuned for next day adventure in the city.

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