Day 12 of Balkan Adventure

Day 12 of Balkan Adventure September 21 2011 Montenegro, Kotor

Day 12 of Balkan Adventure We leave the monastery today and everyone is anxious to get out. Rough night probably. Here we get onto the van and head down the mountain to the main highway to get the bus to take us to the bus station in the capital which is Podgorica.

Day 12 of Balkan AdventureWe wait on side of highway for awhile and feels like its going to rain soon. The bus shows up and its full of people. So many of us end up standing in the aisles to get to the  city. It is only a short 40 minute bus ride so not too bad. Finally stop at the station , here we have only 30 minutes till next bus to get to Kotor.

So since no breakfast today, we order some cheese sandwichs and coffee at the little station.

Which is not bad at all and quite fulfilling.

Finally the bus is ready to go and its a mini bus so its seems comfortable. The journey to kotor is very nice ,as it is very scenic is this region. Lots of mountains and lakes. Get to see a little bit of the city of Podgorica on way out but not too much though.

On route to Kotor we pass through the city of Budvo which seems to be an amazing beach town. Head down the hill to the ocean from the top, the views are amazing.

Finally we arrive in Kotor at the bus station. Get into taxis and make it to the hotel near the waterfront. The hotel is very nice, room is amazing big and has a nice balconey outside.

We gather as a group and head off for a boat ride in the harbor.

First stop off at the supermarket and get some snacks, fruit and water.

Day 12 of Balkan AdventureWe meet the driver of our boat at the water front, a small boat but good enough.

He has a cooler full of beer and bottled water, and its nice. We cruise in the harbor and see many boats and cruise ships.

We make it an island with a small church on it. Do a tour inside and walk about.

the Parish church build in 1740, the island in front of Perast where the church Saint George (Sveti Djordje) from the 12th century is located,

“Our Lady of the Rocks” Church. Is the name of the church on the small island.

Its a very neat island and almost everyone has to visit it when in Kotor.

After leaving the island. We go for a swim in the water in some open area. The water is very refreshing and cold in some spots but overall really good.

We then conclude our boat trip and head back to the shore.

Head back to the hotel for a small rest then regroup in The evening with IVan. Then we walk through town to the old town of Kotor.

Old town looks amazing with all the old buildings. We walk around the old town and the fortress ruins on top of the mountain are lighted up. So it is quite an amazing view.

We then go for a dinner at local restaurant. Since this is the coast then seafood is on the main point tonight. I have a Risotto with shrimp and red wine tonight. It is an amazing dish.

It was an amazing day today. The evening meal was very filling.

On ward to next day.

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