Day 13 of Balkan Adventure

Day 13 of Balkan Adventure September 2011 Kotor, Montenegro

Day 13 of Balkan Adventure get up this morning and have an amazing big breakfast at the hotel we are at.

Day 13 of Balkan AdventureThis morning I remember getting up around 4am and finding that the power was all out. I was in the dark for a long time, then the power was restored around 7am. Interesting.

Anyways the breakfast this morning was totally amazing, all eggs, cereal and breads.

Some of us get together, more less the Intrepid 5 get together as we are going to hike to the old town and up to the fortress. The younger girl in your group Cecilia is going to go to Bud Va. To spend time at The beach and stanley and his wife are going off on their own else where.

We walk around the old town again which is amazing, as its nice to see it in the day time.

We make it to the entrance to get up to the fortress. On way up stop at a table with some dude as we have to pay a small amount to climb like 3 euros which is not bad.

Day 13 of Balkan AdventureIts a long way up , many many stairs to the fortress. Many people I pass are coming down, there are a lot of tourists from the cruise ships here. As you can tell who they are, as they are dressed like tourists.

The stairs on way up move with no railings to being very skinny. At one point I made the wrong turn and walked up a closed area. Ending at a cliff almost.

Finally after 40 minutes make it to the top of the mountain. The views of the city are so very stunning from here.

IT is a very intriguing place as there are little churches on side of cliffs in areas that are hard to walk to.

Makes you wonder how someone built such a fortress many hundreds of years ago to protect themselves. Of how it was possible to have people work on such a structure.

We meet at top for some group photos and run into many other tourists. Many of them think we are part of the cruise ship that has arrived. But we are not like that.

Anyways from here make our long way back down the stairs to town. From here we go for a coffee and talk about our adventure.\

We then split up a for a whie and do some shopping. Head to other part of town to walk for a while and explore. Then we met back in the old town later that day for a lunch.

For lunch have a local beer and a local pizza which is totally amazing.

Afterwards head back to hotel and go for a swim in the water just up front from the hotel.

While the driver from our boat yesterday told us about how he never swims in water near the shore, well found out the hard way.

While swimming in the water had an incident like the movie Caddyshack. All of sudden came across a brown floater in the water. Yes, it was the actual thing, all I can say I got out of that water quite fast.

Later in the evening go back with group to a restaurant near by for some sea food. I have shrimp Kalahari with red wine and its amazing. So good that I ate someone else kebab that they could not finish, too much red wine.

Overall it was another amazing day. Stay tuned for next day adventure as we head to famous city of Dubrovnik.

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