Day 13 of Road Trip USA – 2013

Day 13- Montgomery Alabama – November 1 2013

Check Out CMB Fast – Alabama

Wake up for another mean breakfast today at hotel. Then off to Alabama. i miss turn off to get to Interstate so end up driving around town to leave the city abit. finally make it to interstate and drive to Alabama. Once i got past state line into Alabama, the temperature went up 10 degrees.
So one route to Montgomery, good drive and scenary is good , more hills.Picture 009 - Montgomery, Alabama (3)
Finally a few hours later make it into Montgomery. Check out the memorial and civil rights exhibit. Not a bad town at all actually. Walk around take photos of the government buildings as this is a the capital of the state. Check into hotel and this being as small town, cover all things to see in a short while.Old southern charm meets modern city allure in Montgomery, where the weather is sublime and the food is divine! Explore life in the 19th-century South at Old Alabama Town, sample the city’s artsy side at the Montgomery Museum of Fine Arts or spend the day reliving the era of Civil Rights. Rosa Parks, the African-American woman who changed history in the United States by refusing to ride in the back of the bus, was arrested in Montgomery, and there are a number of interesting attractions in her honor. Literary buffs will be wowed by the Fitzgerald Museum, while kids will want to spend hours at the Montgomery Zoo. Everyone will enjoy the delicious southern cuisine, from black-eyed pea soup to country ham and red-eyed gravy. Fancy or no-frills, a visit to Montgomery will leave you with a taste for more.assing through Montgomery for the day and decided to visit. None of the information there was new but I was moved to see a place where people who were martyred would not be forgotten. This is a must see for anyone who needs to know what freedom really means. The museum means explains the significance of why it was made the way it was.
So that is my day in Montegomery as help from other writers.

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