Day 14 Colonia, Uruguay

Day 14 Colonia, Uruguay hotel in Colonia

Colonia, Uruguaycol1 Day 14 Colonia, Uruguay

Today we get up again this morning and have a powerhouse breakfast downstairs of fruit and coffee. Then we take taxi to the bus depot once again and board a bus for Colonia.

The bus depot is really big here, there are many stores here, and it’s almost like being in a big shopping mall.

At this point we realize the trip is almost at the end and we are talking about how much we have seen up to this point, it has been quite amazing.

The bus ride to Colona is quite uneventful but comfortable, we get to Colonia in good time, at this time we decide enough for buses for now. We get to our taxis and make it to our hotel for the day. It’s a nice simple hotel and I get a room with Don and Pete.col2 Day 14 Colonia, Uruguay

We leave the hotel and go walking around; we stop off t get some money from the ATM. We make it to this nice outdoor café and order some food. Simple place but good, I think I order a pizza and beer and it was good.

We leave here after paying our bill and go to some park and find all of these First Nation people doing a traditional dance, quite interesting concerning the history of this country.

I go out exploring with Trina and Esther and check out this town.

It is a very quiet place, as no one seems to be around, not even any cars even.

old car

col4 Day 14 Colonia, Uruguay

We go to this one corner and find this old guy selling some type of fried dough things. Honest man making a living, we buy some from this man and the product is quite amazing.

We make it to this park area that has all of these markets and selling all many traditional items.

Then we make it into main centre of town, all the streets are made up of cobblestones and many people drive cars from the 1950’s here, very neat.

col3 Day 14 Colonia, UruguayWe make it along the waterfront to look for a spot to watch sunset. We go up this historic tower to watch the sun go down. The sun goes down without any problems then we head back to the ground.

Later in the evening we make our way for dinner in the town centre. We had a nice place set up outside withcandles. We make our orders and some of us mistake each other dinners. I order a chicken teriyaki and I get someone else meal and I took a bite anyways, and then handed it to the other person. The dessert I had was totally amazing as I took a photo of it.

It was a great day overall and Colonia is a small but very charming place.

More adventures for tomorrow.

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