Day 14 of Australia Adventure

Day 14 of Australia Adventure – Alice Springs, Australia – April 30th 2010

Day 14 of Australia AdventureAnother early morning, getting up after a crazy night last night. Get all bags ready then head off to the green tent for breakfast. Driver and tour manager have made bk over the BBQ here of fried tomatoes, sausage, bacon and eggs, quite good. Today is the newer Jess’s last day as she leaves this morning to go on to travel elsewhere. We are leaving Uluru and head back to Alice Springs today.

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We on the way stop for lunch near an Emu farm, where there are lots of Emus. Have no food supplies left, so I am forced to pay 10 bucks for a cheese sandwich at this roadside stop, all well.

Camel Riding

Back on the bus we head off to a Camel Farm, called Camel Adventures or something. Here for 6 bucks one can ride a camel, in which almost everyone does. I am on the back of this camel for about 1 yard around this holding area. A very bumpy ride, I do not know how one would handle an hour on one of those things, overall a fun time and first time on a camel.

Back on the coach for our final journey to Alice Springs, during this time Customer Surveys are handed out. I fill out my survey and make some suggestions to that Contiki supply a passenger list to everyone at the start so everyone can learn each other’s names. Make it easier to learn people’s names faster then after the tour on facebook. I make a comment that tDay 14 of Australia Adventurehe tour manager and driver did a great job on this trip and high praise.

Group Photo

From here we make our way to Alice Springs, we stop at the Welcome Sign of the town. Here we get an official group photo done of the NT group. In the photo, looks like Christoph is getting trampled over by all the girls, kind of funny.

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Arrive back at the hotel we stayed at a few nights ago, which is a good room. Here I spend my time doing some more laundry before we all head out for dinner tonight. We later regroup for dinner and walk to downtown Alice Springs to a Steak House Called Overlander Steak House.

Steakhouse Dinner

It is a good steak house we all get good seats and our national flags beside. Some of us bought the optional dinner while others just order off the menu. For dinner, it is a 4-course meal, with salad, soup, then and a sample platter of Kangaroo, Emu and Crocodile. Which is actually really good to try, the Croc was different but something new. Then main cross of a prime rib steak then some type of Kiwi dessert, which was just ok.

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Day 14 of Australia Adventure

Night at Bo Jangles

After dinner we did some funny game where everyone got a big wobble sign and we all made noise to music. Very different way to spending the evening. After dinner we were all off back to the Saloon, Bo Jangles that is a good place. Here I observed Christoph, take photos with people he did not know at the bar, quite funny. Anyways that was the night, as I had to call it early, as some of us are going hot air ballooning early tomorrow morning at 5am, so need some sleep. See you all on the balloon ride!


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