Day 15 Colonia, Uruguay – farm visit

Day 15 Colonia, Uruguay – farm visit

old car

2nd and last day in Uruguay.farm1 Day 15 Colonia, Uruguay - farm visit

We get up this morning for a simple breakfast at the hotel.

on route to the farm

We are going off to a farm this morning. We say good-bye to Don as he is not interested in a farm and it’s his last day before going home, so he takes morning ferry to Buenos Aires.

We get into this old van that the back seat almost breaks when we sat on it.

We make our way to this nice farm in the country. It is set up for tourists actually, it is really attractive farm. Here we are shown how they milk the cows and care for all the animals. We see all the chickens, cows and pigs here, a very big operation.

farm2 Day 15 Colonia, Uruguay - farm visitWe go out in the far fields and ride some of the horses the man owns, very nice.

We then go into the main house and have a big meal the family prepared for us. A big buffet of all types of cheese and meats. As well as homemade wine and soda, very amazing overall.

From here we make it back to the town of Colonia and have some time before he head on to the ferry to Buenos Aires.

I walk around this town again and just take it all in. Finally we grab our bags and make it to the port, which are only a few minutes away. We walk to the ferry and give our bags to the baggage guys. We get our tickets and board the ferry to go across this great big river.

farm3 Day 15 Colonia, Uruguay - farm visitThe journey is quite uneventful and quiet; it is a very big boat and relaxing. We watch some videos of our time in Iguassu falls on Peter’s computer of our boat into the falls experience, good memories.

After a 2-hour journey we make it to the city of Buenos Aires, it looks like an amazing, city; I have been waiting to get here for many years. The boat docks and we get off the ferry and then clear immigration without a problem.

Outside we are not able to find our hotel transport so we are forced to walk for about 15 minutes into the town to get a taxi. Finally we get some taxis and make it to the hotel.

The first impression of this city is its big, there is lots of garbage everywhere, but at same time charming and just plain interesting.farm4 Day 15 Colonia, Uruguay - farm visit

We check into the hotel and meet up with Don for the last time. He just mentions about the city and says good-bye and walks away forever, not even interested in future correspondence.

Anyways get up to our room and it’s a nice room, however we have a visit from this huge bug in the room. I think it was a beetle of some sort but it was the size of a shoebox almost. I toss my shoe at it and all it did was bounce off the thing. I opened the door and it ran down the hall somewhere, funny.

It was late right now so I am off to bed as early start tomorrow to see this amazing city of Buenos Aires, stay tuned.

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