Day 15 of Balkan Adventure

Day 15 of Balkan Adventure September 24 2011 Dubrovnik to Mijet

Day 15 of Balkan Adventure Another day awaits my adventure. Today is the start of the second part of the Balkan adventure. Get up this morning and pack up my back pack , sleep in as I have  boat to catch later on.

Day 15 of Balkan AdventureI leave with my packs and decide I will walk down to Gruz Harbour as I have to pick up my mini cruise with Busabout there.

It is about 5 km walk from where I am at to Gruz Harbour, so walking is not a problem really. It is really nice out and I enjoy the walk in some residential areas to get to the harbor.

I walk down there and find out I am really early so I walk all the way to the bus station and sit there for a bit. I walk and sit on a bench there and no soon am I confront by a bunch of old ladies trying to sell my some apartment units to use.


I walk back to the port and find the boat for Busabout, with Katarina cruises. I find the Katarine cruise rep outside who is a nice young lady. I hand off my bags on the boat and still have time before everything starts. So I walk around the harbor areas and take photos of all the boats nearby.

The name of our boat is the “Plomin” and looks simple but good.

Assigned cabin 9 and will be sharing with someone , some dude named Ryan from Australia, the cabin is on middle floor so no stairs to climb and door faces outside.

The room is quite simple, just a bunk bed, enough space to store bags and small bathroom with a toilet and a shower head connected to the sink. So not really all that bad.

Boat sets sail and many of us are already drinking beer from the bar, more less a tab is made and do not have to pay till end of the week, its going to be a good week.

Day 15 of Balkan AdventureBoat is full so about 35 people from Australia, UK, South Africa, Usa and Canada.

We go have lunch and are introduced by the tour leader some girl named Leah, She goes over all the rules and talks about the week on the boat.

This is the season’s last boat of the year so shall be quite good.

Lunch today is some type of good meat, salad and soup of some type, very good.

There are lots of people on boat so I will not mention names too many to remember.

Later on we stop at bay area to go for a the first swim in the Adriatic sea. Jumping in the water is quite refreshing, its more of a type of water you have to adjust too but its great. Someone in the group bought a kids inflating pool and had beers in it and floating around in the sea with that.

Overall lots of fun.

Take lots of photos of the scenary from the water of the sunset etc, very nice.

Finally we arrive near dark at Mijet, so no time to really go sightseeing. From here go for a simple supper on shore at some dumb pizza joint and sort of sit at someone elses restaurant, so a little confusing, by the way the pizza was good.

So really for rest of evening we try to walk around the town and end up the road in complete darkness. We walk past a small convenience store and the busabout boat and the other boat people are all gathered at the store and buying booze and partying at the convenience store, kinda funny.

We go gather at the water front for a drink and keep it simple rest of evening. Really drinking beer all day so its time for a quiet evening.

Head back to the boat and call it a night till next morning.

On ward to next day of Busabout.

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