Day 16 Buenos Aires Argentina

Day 16 Buenos Aires Argentina


Buenos Aires – First Day

Get up this morning and have a bad breakfast.BA1 Day 16 Buenos Aires Argentina

The bk in the hotel was nothing but sugar based foods and liquid coffee, quite bad. I join Trina and Esther for a day tour of the city of BA. We get on our bus and he off into the city.

It looks like a great city, very clean and busy. There is traffic everywhere; all the buildings are very historical. We stop in the main square of the city and admire all the shapes of buildings here. This is the main political area as well where all the main demonstrations happen often. We make it to this nice structure looking like silver broken cup of some sort, kind of neat.

I notice all the taxis in this city are coloured yellow and black. Make it to the centre obelisk, which is right in centre of town, looks like a small version of the Washington Monument.

There are many pigeons around in this city, almost like being in Venice, Italy all over again.

La Boca

We go into the La Boca district of the city and see the line up for people getting tickets for a soccer game tonight. The line is miles long and we are told it is an unsafe area to be inBA2 Day 16 Buenos Aires Argentina

La Boca is the area of town full of really colourful buildings that are all painted very brightly. We make it by the main soccer stadium, which everything here is painted blue and yellow, the colours of the main soccer team.

Maradona and Evita

There are toy statues nearby of Maradona and Evita and some other guy. As well in the stadium a museum dedicated to soccer star Maradona and other past team members.

In this are you see people tango dancing on the street, looks nice, you can join in, but then you have to pay a price, lol

From here we continue to explore this big city on our own. We find this really amazing looking trees all over the city. Lots of roots sticking out and very big. We then make it to this amazing old cemetery. This is where Evita is BA3 Day 16 Buenos Aires Argentinalocated; the place itself is like a small town. You could walk around here all day an still not see everything. The memorials here are over 8 feet high and totally amazing place to go to.

I highly recommend this place to see.

We go for a quick lunch at some plaza and have some fruit smoothes, its very good. We get the bill and I have to be the judge on it as Trina was starting to argue about the cost of bill, as it was not split. The staff did not speak English and did not understand. So I stepped in and just pay for bill and let things go fine later.

We take a city bus and make it to another part of the centre. The bus ride is crazy fast and we almost get into an accident on route. By the time we got to our destination the bus was shoulder to shoulder with people. We visit some more markets and go to some outdoor tango area, before walking back to our hotel

Later that evening we head to a place to go tango dancing. We are taught how to tango for an hour and then are BA4 Day 16 Buenos Aires Argentinaissued a certificate for trying. Then we go for dinner, food was awesome, some type of steak meal. As well there is a major tango show we are entertained with.

Local Culture

The show was quite good and very right to local culture.

After the show we end up at some bar with more live entertainment for more drinks. We have lots of vodka and beer. This would be last night as a full group as 2 people are leaving tomorrow for home. I think I drank too much vodka as I had one on the rocks tonight, a little too much. Anyways back to hotel and onto one more adventure with the group tomorrow in city of BA

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