Day 16 of Australia Adventure

Day 16 of Australia Adventure – Cairns , Australia  – May 2nd 2010

Day 16 of Australia AdventureRafting today

Day 16 of Australia Adventure – Cairns , Australia   – May 2nd 2010
Get up really early this morning for an exciting adventure in Cairns. Several of us are going for a day long white water rafting trip. We board the bus and are joined by this guy who is in charge of the rafting. We head down the road for 2 hours to the town of Tully to the rafting store first. Here we pick up some quick bk of sandwiches and rent some rafting shoes.Then we are off to the Tully river for the rafting experience. Looks like decent weather today, some clouds but overall good and warm. We meet up with our guide and head down to the raft. There are 6 of us in the raft, Jack, Elisa, Christine and Jon and Myself.

Rafting in Tully

Day 16 of Australia Adventure

White Water Rafting – Tully River near Tully, Queensland 2 hours out of Cairns

Down River

He head down the river and begin the journey. I could tell the story of the whole trip but that would be tedious. The trip was good, many class 5 rapids and a few drops offs in which our raft did flip over once. Lunch was some bbq burgers at one station of the trip. We also had 2 parts in which we had some rock jumping into the water, that was fun. Overall one of the best rafting trips I have ever done. Afterwards we head back to the shop for some beer and check out the rafting photos, good shots on the river. Then back into Cairns, meeting back at the hotel, run into Ariel who did nothing all day as he could not afford to do anything more. We later in the evening meet up with the group and go downtown building for a presentation about the Great Barrier Reef  called Reef Watch. It is a good presentation done by a few Marine Biologist people. They show about all the types of plants and animals that can be seen. As well coffee and cookies are offered as well, very nice. Then we leave here and go off to a club to do a pub crawl tonight. Good price for it as its 20 bucks for dinner and drink and get entrance to 6 clubs and an included drink at each of them. The dinner was quite decent as it was a buffet that was all included and good beer. We ended up going to 2 clubs and a couple of pubs and it was worth while as there were good drinks. People and Lucy dance on a few tables at one place, then go to another and dance on some more tables. Overall a good night and one for the record books. Stay tuned for the next day.

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